Pennsylvania Analysis Finds Mercury Levels 47 Percent Higher In Areas Near Power Plants

Read the full story at Environmental Protection Magazine. Sample results from Pennsylvania's two longest-running mercury deposition collection sites reinforce other state and national studies that show the neurotoxin tends to concentrate around local emission sources, creating "hot spots" of contamination, state officials announced on May 13.

Climate change: All in the game

Read the full story by Thomas Pfeiffer and Martin A. Nowak at (Nature 441, 583-584 (1 June 2006)) It is in the public interest to keep Earth's climate on an even keel — the public, in this case, being all the world's population. Are you prepared to stake your own reputation on helping to …

Field Trials of Ethanol-Powered Vehicles Go Worldwide

Read the full story at Scania, manufacturer of ethanol-powered commercial vehicles, is supplying the city buses for use in the BEST (BioEthanol for Sustainable Transport) consortium's initial field trials of 'ethanol as a vehicle fuel' to take place in La Spezia, a coastal city in northwestern Italy.

Progress Continues in Using Bacteria to Generate Power

Read the full story at Research being presented this week at the 106th General Meeting of the (ASM) American Society for Microbiology in Orlando, Florida, furthers promising research into bacteria being used to create electricity, produce alternative fuels like ethanol and even boost the output of existing oil wells.

Cincinnati Powers Up Two Buildings with Solar Electricity

Read the full story at Two new structures in Cincinnati now display prominent elements of "green" buildings with completed solar electric installations by Dovetail Solar & Wind. The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden and the Melink Corporation headquarters both stand to benefit from saving energy and cutting costs, as well as doing their part …