Volvo to Preview Five-Fuel Vehicle; Includes Hythane

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Volvo will preview a prototype five-fuel Multi-Fuel vehicle at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum 2006, which takes place in Paris, June 8-12. The company is also previewing a new generation Collision Warning System.

Area college students build biodiesel filling station

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A class project to build a biodiesel mixing/filling station and a field trip to Kansas City wrapped up the academic year for some automotive technology and auto body repair technology students at Northeast Community College in Norfolk, NE.

At Missouri church, green movement gathers steam

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Story about the New Life Evangelistic Center , where wind turbines power his kitchen stove, and biodiesel fuel propels the fleet of cars that connect Davis and other residents to the outside world.

New biodiesel startup wins top prize at PSVC event

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A new Seattle biodiesel startup by the name of Planetary Fuels beat out three presenting companies to win the top prize at the Puget Sound Venture Club’s 20th anniversary celebration.