Climate Change Evaporates from G8 Agenda

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At the last G8 summit, political leaders vowed to “act with resolve and urgency” on climate change. A year on, global warming has been sidelined by concerns on how the world can satisfy its growing appetite for energy.

While analysts were not entirely convinced by Prime Minister Tony Blair’s bid to highlight climate change — a fashionable issue in Britain — during his G8 presidency, they believe Russia has all but dropped the issue.

Florida Looks to Biofuels to Fix Energy Woes

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Bradley Krohn met with skepticism two years ago when he announced plans to build Florida’s first ethanol production plant.

Critics said the fuel additive wouldn’t fly outside the Midwest’s Corn Belt.

Now Krohn’s company, U.S. EnviroFuels LLC, is at the heart of a rush by Florida politicians to embrace ethanol as a gas additive that they hope will transform the Sunshine State from a vulnerable fuel importer to self-reliant fuel producer.

One man's garbage is another man's treasure

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It’s not easy being green, especially in Central Jersey, where sometimes the only open space left is the result of long-abandoned garbage dumps.

Andy Willner, executive director of the NY/NJ Baykeeper, points to the old Aeromarine property as a perfect example of a dump worth saving.

Modern-day windmills cause dust-up in Mich.

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A coastline that whips up wind all year long has Michigan alternative energy activists pushing to transform the state into a leader of nonpolluting wind energy.

But as the wind power movement that began in the state’s pastoral northern region heads toward Metro Detroit, advocates admit the clean electricity source is not without drawbacks.

California sets energy example

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When California environmental officials were looking at areas where the state could save on its energy bill, they only had to look as far as their own building.

Simply by shutting off the lights at night and having janitors do their work during the day, officials say they shaved 8 percent off the electric bill for the Joe Serna Jr. Building, the headquarters of the California Environmental Protection Agency.

EU Parliament Backs CO2 Caps on Aviation

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In a report adopted by 439 votes in favor to 74 against and 102 abstentions, Members of the European Parliament (MEP) proposed that the EU takes action to reduce the climate change impact of aviation by adopting the measures proposed in a report written by MEP Caroline Lucas (Greens/EFA, UK).