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How a Russian vessel’s grounding highlights perils of Arctic shipping

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A recently released report on the 2018 grounding of a Russian ship in the Canadian Arctic points out the many dangers of a coming shipping boom in an increasingly ice-free Arctic, including the lack of reliable navigational charts and crews inexperienced in polar waters.

America has eight parking spaces for every car. Here’s how cities are rethinking that land

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Cities like Buffalo are getting rid of parking minimums and changing zoning, which opens up valuable space.

Can removing highways fix America’s cities?

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As midcentury highways reach the end of their life spans, cities across the country are having to choose whether to rebuild or reconsider them. And a growing number, like Rochester, are choosing to take them down.

Boom in ships that fly ‘fake’ flags and trash the environment

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The number of ships using a ‘flag of convenience’ loophole that allows them to be scrapped in a place with lax environmental regulations is skyrocketing.

As storms become more frequent and volatile, some ports plan for the risk — but most do not

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The interconnectedness of ports leave assets such as warehouses, trucking networks and railroads vulnerable to disruptions from climate change and rising sea levels.

Port of Long Beach waives pollution fee for natural gas trucks as it targets supply chain emissions

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The Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners approved an exemption from the Clean Truck Fund Rate “for the cleanest” natural-gas-powered trucks, according to an announcement Monday. The rate, which has been set at $10 per TEU for any non-zero-emissions truck at the Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles, has not yet been implemented.

This new exemption applies to trucks picking up or dropping off loaded containers at the Port of Long Beach that use natural gas engines that meet the standard of 0.02 grams of nitrogen oxides per brake horsepower-hour, according to the announcement. To be eligible for the lifetime exemption, trucks must be purchased and registered in the Port Drayage Truck Registry by Dec. 31, 2022.

Electric trucks already have an exemption to this pending rate. The natural-gas exemption aims to incentivize the trucking industry to adopt cleaner fuels “while zero-emissions technology catches up,” the announcement said.

Congestion pricing could shrink car size

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Rush hour will likely return when pandemic lockdowns lift, but a new study suggests that congestion pricing — policies that charge tolls for driving during peak hours — could not only cure traffic jams but also convince motorists it is safe to buy smaller, more efficient cars.

3,000 shipping containers fell into the Pacific Ocean last winter

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A rise in container-ship accidents adds to the growing marine plastic pollution problem and poses risks to ocean health, wildlife and mariners.

Advancements in electric buses making green transit more accessible for rural areas

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Fifteen years ago, Michigan’s first electric hybrid bus was unveiled in Traverse City.

Early editions of those buses proved unreliable. But with the return of the wave of electrification in 2021, has anything changed?

State transit authorities are cautiously optimistic, but trust in technology remains a barrier to the incorporation of electric buses into fleets, according to Jean Ruestman, the administrator of the Office of Passenger Transportation in the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT).

Behind Dallas-Fort Worth’s grand goals to be the greenest airport on the planet

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Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is hoping to become a global model for a modern-day green airport.

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