NOAA grant funds SIU drought monitoring research

Read the full story from Southern Illinois University. Sometimes it’s easy to see when an area is in drought: precipitation has been scarce or crops and other vegetation appear visibly stressed or browning. One of the most important indicators of drought -- soil moisture -- isn’t as visible. A researcher from Southern Illinois University Carbondale …

The good, the bad and the algae

Read the full story in Science Daily. A new study is testing whether one of California’s largest and most polluted lakes can transform into one of its most productive and profitable. Southern California’s 350-square-mile Salton Sea has well-documented problems related to elevated levels of nitrogen and phosphorus from agricultural runoff. The research team intends to …

A university is eliminating its science collection — to expand a running track

Read the full story in the Washington Post. The curators of the Museum of Natural History at the University of Louisiana-Monroe got grim news this March from the school's director: The museum's research collection had to be moved out of its current home. The reason? The space was needed for expanded track facilities.

This EPA research program just got a rave scientific review. Trump wants to eliminate it.

Read the full story from the Washington Post. As Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt defended massive proposed budget cuts to a House subcommittee Thursday, experts from the nation’s top science organization voiced their support for one of the programs slated for elimination. A report released Thursday by the National Academy of Sciences — and prepared at the request of …

Trump’s Budget Would Eliminate A Key Funder Of Research On Coastal Pollution

Read the full story from NPR. For 51 years, a small federal program has been paying scientists to keep American waterways healthy. It's called Sea Grant — part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration — and President Donald Trump's proposed budget for next year would eliminate it.