Curbside Textile Recycling Could be the Next Big Thing

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At the ReuseConex conference in Boston, presenters will be leading discussions on how they recycle textiles and create innovative products.

Recovering and recycling paper has saved energy

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The recovery, or recycling, of paper and paperboard has increased from 34% of supply in 1990 to 67% of supply in 2015. Most of this recovered paper is consumed in the United States, but some is exported. Based on data from the American Forest and Paper Association, domestic consumption of recovered paper at U.S. mills increased to 31 million tons in 2015, while net recovered paper exports increased to 21 million tons.

Will you recycle a cup if your name is on it?

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When you go to a coffee shop and the barista writes your name on the cup, you’re more likely to recycle it than if your name was misspelled or wasn’t written on the cup at all.

That’s just one of several interesting recycling behaviors marketing researchers recently uncovered. It turns out we have fascinating biases that help determine what we recycle and what we just toss in the trash.

Northern Michigan pioneers effort to reduce food waste

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Emmet County’s recycling program has been recognized as one of four model programs in the state for having a high quality service that matches the needs of the community.

Plastics Industry, Recyclers Launch Automotive Recycling Project

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A new automotive recycling project aims to develop a method to collect and recover plastic auto parts in a way that is technically and economically feasible.

The Automotive End-of-Life Vehicles (ELV) Recycling Demonstration Project is a partnership between SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association, Automotive Recyclers Association, Automotive Recyclers of Canada, Canadian Plastics Industry Association and a number of independent plastics and automotive recyclers.

Saving silver: portable micro-factories could turn e-waste trash into treasure

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A new low-cost alternative to smelting could solve Australia’s electronic waste problem, eliminate shipping emissions and create new business opportunities.