Wearable Waste: Snapshots from the 2017 Trash 2 Trends Fashion Show

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Lights, Camera, Sustainable Fashion! On February 4 at the Trash 2 Trends fashion show at SeaWorld’s Ports of Call in Orlando, Fla., trashionistas rocked creative and sustainable outfits made from upcycled materials, such as sofas, plastic bags, six-pack beverage rings, packing paper, punctured bicycle inner tubes, expired gift cards, surplus tote bags, egg cartons and used chopsticks.

Tokyo Olympics: Medals to be made from recycled mobile phones donated by the public

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Organisers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics say the medals will be forged from recycled metal from old mobile phones and appliances donated by the general public to give them a sense of direct involvement in the Games.

Artist Turns Old CDs Into Amazing Sculptures Instead Of Throwing Them Away

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A broken CD isn’t much good to anyone. Unless you’re Sean Avery that is. Because while most of us would just throw them in the trash, the South Africa-born, Australia-based artist turns them into various dazzling animal sculptures. He makes them by gluing CD shards to wire mesh frames shaped like different animals, and as you can see from his iridescent animal kingdom, there seems to be no limit to the types of creatures he can create.

Husky made from recycled CDs by artist Sean Avery.
Photo of Sean Avery’s husky sculpture from his web site.

New ASTM standard on recycling concrete helps boost sustainable construction

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According to ASTM International, its new standard on recycling returned fresh concrete, C1798, Specification for Returned Fresh Concrete for Use in a New Batch of Ready-Mixed Concrete, will help manufacturing plants better support sustainable construction practices. Developed by ASTM’s C09 committee on concrete, the new standard covers process, verification, and record-keeping procedures for concrete recycling.

Can a Pokemon Go-Like App Solve Indiana’s Recycling Problem?

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Bethany Hohman thinks the state of Indiana has a recycling problem, and she may be right. During a recent presentation in front of other entrepreneurs, she stated that on average, only 11% of total waste is recycled, despite the state’s goal of 50% and a national average of 34%.

To address the problem, she and her team turned to a rather unusual source for inspiration: Pokemon Go. Given the recent astronomical success of the Pokemon Go app, Hohman and her team wondered if they could build a similar app that would solve the recycling problem.

Old Macs Make Surprisingly Pretty Planters

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Maybe you’ve got your eye on a new Macbook now that the holidays are just around the corner. What should you do with your old one? You could donate it or recycle it, sure. But the French artist Christophe Guinet has a better idea.

Guinet, who goes by the name Monsieur Plant, has created a series of living art pieces that transform old Apple products into terrariums. A Macintosh Classic computer finds new life as a pot for a Chinese elm bonsai tree (and the mouse is deconstructed so a baby bonsai could be planted inside). A G5 hard drive sprouts papyrus stalks. The interior of a 1998 iMac3 has been totally gutted to make room for three species of carnivorous plants, including a Venus fly trap. Why stare at a screen when you can gaze at these plants instead?