Saving silver: portable micro-factories could turn e-waste trash into treasure

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A new low-cost alternative to smelting could solve Australia’s electronic waste problem, eliminate shipping emissions and create new business opportunities.

Carpet groups extend stewardship program

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The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) and the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE ) are extending the Voluntary Product Stewardship (VPS) Program that has been designed to assist sorters of post-consumer carpet divert material from landfills. After having supported the program in 2015 and 2016, the extension will provide funding through 2017.

National Parks’ Diversion Rates High Despite Big Challenges

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While new Subaru and National Park Service (NPS) research shows 59 percent of national park visitors were unaware of park’s waste management challenges, and many are importing and dumping trash in these parks, the NPS’s diversion rates soar above the national average for municipalities and states. In fiscal year 2015, the bureau diverted 70.38 percent of municipal solid waste at parks (EPA estimates about 34.5 percent of the country’s MSW is recycled and composted). And the park system diverted just over 89 percent of its construction and demolition waste in that timeframe. That’s just over 140,175 tons total of MSW and C&D waste.

But NPS, which manages solid waste from over 400 facilities, is not without its tough issues. And it is implementing initiatives to address them, including programs not only to inform citizens, but to leverage them to better manage trash and pump sustainability of natural resources.

Student waste leads to weird and wonderful creations at Campus Recycling

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In a humid, airless facility tucked behind the The Ridges, forgotten memories can be found.

Used textbooks, bobbleheads, little league trophies and cameras sit delicately on a far shelf. The “Hall of Cool Things,” Campus Recycling and Zero-Waste Manager Andrew Ladd calls it.

A swirling art project that once was displayed on campus hangs above as decor and gives the stuffy storage facility life — especially on this sticky Athens summer day, when standing outside is almost unbearable.

Ladd and Campus Recycling collect the forgotten relics to give them a second life after O[hio] U[niversity] students leave them behind.

‘Sporks in space’: Bothell firm brings recycling to final frontier

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Can recycling be successfully launched in outer space?

Tethers Unlimited, Inc., a Bothell-based aerospace technology company, plans to find out when its recycling/3D printing system is tested aboard the International Space Station.

The company has been awarded a NASA contract to develop and deliver a Positrusion Recycler to sterilize and recycle plastic waste such as packaging materials, utensils, trays and food storage containers into high-quality 3D filament.

Study helps map path to waste reduction in national parks

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National parks welcome more than 300 million visitors each year, but less than half of those people actually separate their recyclables from their trash before leaving.

That is one of the findings in the Subaru National Park Survey, conducted in partnership with National Parks Conservation Association. The research ties into this year’s celebration of the centennial of the National Park Service (NPS).