What You Need to Know About the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards

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Corporate reporters rejoice: in a move aimed at making it easier for companies to report on their sustainability initiatives and progress, the Global Reporting Initiative today launched the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards.

Sustainable Procurement Standard Coming Soon

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Purchasing represents a significant piece of a company’s budget. In the public sector alone, procurement accounts for around 12 percent of GDP and 29 percent of government expenditure in OECD member countries.

So it makes sense that when considering sustainability initiatives, executives should take purchasing decisions into account.

An ISO standard in the final stages of development aims to help companies with sustainable procurement, and can be applied to all purchases from office supplies to energy providers, caterers and building materials.

ISO 20400, Sustainable procurement – Guidance, has just reached a second draft international standard stage, meaning interested parties can submit feedback via their ISO member on the draft before final publication in 2017.

Why Leading Global Companies Are Using a New Food Waste Standard to Reduce Waste

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Food loss and waste costs businesses billions of dollars each year and it generates about 8 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for the carbon footprint of food produced and not eaten.

This means if food waste was a country, it would be the third-largest greenhouse gas emitter on the planet behind China and the US.

While many companies have set food waste reduction targets, there hasn’t been a uniform way to measure where and how much food is lost across operations — some consider food that goes to compost as waste; some companies don’t.

A new international standard, launched today at the Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) Summit 2016, addresses this issue. According to its developers, including World Resources Institute (WRI) and the Consumer Goods Forum, the Food Loss and Waste Accounting and Reporting Standard (FLW Standard) will create a globally consistent framework for measuring and managing food waste.

National Green Building Standard Approved for Use

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The latest version of the ICC/ASHRAE 700-2015 National Green Building Standard (NGBS) has been approved for use by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

The residential construction standard provides a pathway by which builders and developers may seek third-party green building certification of their new homes, developments and remodeling projects. Many cities and states offer incentives, such as rebates and additional density allowances, to builders and developers whose projects are NGBS-certified.

ISO 14004: Bring Environmental Management System Benefits to Your Business

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Following the new ISO 14001 environmental management systems standard, the revision of its complementary standard, ISO 14004, has reached final draft stage and is slated for release on March 1, 2016.

Webinar: Laundry Care Products – A Review of Performance, Innovation, and Environmental Leadership

Wed, Dec 2, 2015 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM CST
Register at https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1245166502584243201

Webinar Topics

  • Laundry detergent formulas
  • Environmental and health impacts of laundry care products
  • Performance testing
  • National standards
  • Environmental leadership and product stewardship

Webinar Panelists

Joe McCarthy, Lab Services Manager, Dell Tech Laboratories
Joe oversees Dell Tech’s laboratory operations, Ecologo and Green Seal initiatives, product-testing activities as well as spearheading client projects with Environment Canada regarding New Substance Notifications, Trade Secret Applications, Domestic Substance regulations and Natural Health Products. Joe is a trained ISO 17025 Internal Auditor, sits on the Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA) Cleaning Products Executive Board and is a member of many committees including the International Harmonization Committee, Test & Standard Methods Committee Cleaning Products Scientific Committee.

John Paulun, Communications Manager, PortionPac
John joined PortionPac Chemical Corporation in 2011 and is responsible for third-party product certifications, regulatory compliance issues and the implementation of customer education strategies.  Involved in maintaining the fidelity of detergent formulations, he helps to ensure a high standard of quality and performance for PortionPac® detergents throughout the manufacturing process.  In addition, John has successfully shepherded numerous PortionPac® products through the rigorous Green Seal certification process.  He is also certified by the ManageMen OS(1) Executive Management Program for janitorial operations.

Webinar: North American ISO 50001/SEP Pilot Program

November 18, 2015 2:30PM to 3:30PM EST

The U.S. DOE invites applications for a pilot program to help companies implement ISO 50001 and the Superior Energy Performance (SEP) program across multiple facilities throughout North America and worldwide. This pilot program is in partnership with the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) and the national energy agencies in Canada and Mexico, National Resources Canada and Comisión Nacional para el Uso Eficiente de la Energía (National Commission for the Efficient Use of Energy).

Applications are due by December 7, 2015. Please join this webinar to find out more information about SEP and the North American Energy Management Pilot Program.

The pilot program involves a series of training workshops to be held in 2016 in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Each country will have a cohort of companies and facilities to participate. Energy management experts will train and coach company staff on ISO 50001 and SEP implementation to identify energy cost-saving opportunities. Companies will also receive international recognition for their commitment to energy efficiency through their ISO 50001 and SEP certifications.