Tamar Adler shows you how to make the most of your leftovers in her new cookbook

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If the thought of leftovers grosses you out, Tamar Adler is here to change your mind. Her new cookbook, The Everlasting Meal Cookbook: Leftovers A-Z, is a seemingly endless encyclopedia of recipes that rely on what’s left after we finish the initial meal.

Adler gives new life to the foods that many of us leave in the fridge to waste away until they wilt to the point of no return and go into the trash. The way she sees it, by making something new, you’re honoring and extending the labor you put in the first time around.

What Lego—yes, Lego—can teach us about avoiding energy project boondoggles

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A new book looks at why big projects fail and finds that solar, wind and transmission lines are some of the best kinds of big projects, while nuclear power is among the worst.

Environmental Resilience Institute, IU Press announce environmental change book series

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As Indiana communities, businesses, and residents increasingly recognize the threat posed by climate change to Hoosiers’ health and livelihood, Indiana University Press and the Environmental Resilience Institute are teaming up on a new book series focused on environmental change—its challenges as well as solutions.

James Shanahan, a professor in The Media School at IU and former ERI associate director, announced the collaboration during a Jan. 18 event at IU Bloomington celebrating the publication of Climate Change and Resilience in Indiana and Beyond (IU Press), a book detailing how the Hoosier State can navigate the stresses posed by environmental change. The volume, released in November 2022, served as inspiration for the new book series.

Why so many creatures now call our cities home

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UCSB Professor Peter Alagona’s book ‘The Accidental Ecosystem’ reveals where the wild things really are.

Horror writers reveal their environmental fears

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The “invisible monsters” of climate change and extinction stalk us all, but these experts in terror also remind us that fighting monsters helps create hope.

The Sustainability Scorecard

Paul Anastas and Urvashi Bhatnagar have a new book out. The Sustainability Scorecard provides a way for companies to identify where they currently are on their sustainability journeys, as well as a method to track progress. It makes the case that sustainability is good business. It also guides leaders through creating and scaling a green supply chain initiative.

From the book jacket:

Using a unique, practical scorecard understandable to any executive in or outside of operations, this book, once and for all, makes the pragmatic argument for sustainable supply chains crystal clear. In the midst of “green fatigue,” many leaders have lost sight of the pure success any business can achieve by focusing on hidden supply costs and toxic inputs. The authors show operations and implementation-focused business leaders how to innovate their supply chains to introduce and scale sustainable solutions. Through repeatable, reliable processes that address operating model design and new key performance indicators to scaling, this book is a practical guide that leaders can rely on to make their existing systems more sustainable and profitable.

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8 must-read design books this summer

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From fashion wisdom to a fiery analysis of the plastics industry, there’s something in here for anyone interested in design.

6 novels to read if you’re a fan of climate tech fiction

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Happy Friday! How often do you sit in bed and think, “I wish I had a book to read that focuses on climate tech”? More times than you can count? Well, color me surprised. Me, too! And then, after that first thought, do you search for a climate tech-specific novel and discover that they are few and far between? Me too! This problem is the bane of my existence. 

So today, I’ve decided to throw us all a genetically engineered/3-D printed bone and offer a list of books about climate tech, or that are climate tech adjacent. (Cut me a break, it’s a super-specific topic.) If you came for climate tech, you’ll like this list. Disclaimer: I have not read all of these books. They have been meticulously cultivated from Goodreads, my library and the GreenBiz Group Slack group. Enjoy!

5 clever ways that malls are being reinvented across the U.S.

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A new book makes the case that, No, malls aren’t dying. They’re just changing with the times.

Too many used books? Want to help literacy efforts? Here’s what to do.

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For those with a pile of books to get rid of and a desire to make sure those books are having a positive social and environmental impact, here’s what to do.