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Reuse rebounds: National Zero Waste Conference highlights policy potential in 2022

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After early coronavirus fears halted many reuse efforts, year two of the pandemic saw new investments in reuse systems and a desire to circumvent supply chain disruptions in disposable packaging.

GE’s renewables unit makes zero waste pledge for wind turbine blade production

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GE’s renewable energy unit said Tuesday it would manufacture zero waste wind turbine blades by the year 2030, becoming the latest operator in the sector to try to develop more sustainable production processes.

In a statement, GE Renewable Energy said its Denmark-headquartered LM Wind Power subsidiary would “reuse, repurpose, recycle or recover all the excess materials from manufacturing of blades, giving up on landfilling and incineration as waste management solutions.”

Tetra Pak looks to zero waste through Poka collaboration

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Tetra Pak and Canadian-based worker-platform provider Poka have launched a new strategic collaboration.

Baltimore aspires to ‘zero waste’ but recycles only a tiny fraction of its residential plastic

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A new report ranked Baltimore last among five cities studied for recycling rates. But the problem lies with plastic itself: Most of it never gets recycled.

New zero waste standard helps companies demonstrate progress in sustainability journey

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SCS Global Services (SCS), a global leader in third-party environmental and sustainability certification, auditing, testing, and standards development, today announced the launch of its new Zero Waste Standard. This new global certification standard enables companies to demonstrate the degree to which their waste streams are prevented, reused, or diverted from the landfill. It is robust yet flexible to allow companies to demonstrate incremental improvements, and to stimulate participation based on regional supply chain differences. As companies look to improve their ESG ratings and strengthen their corporate messages and investment profiles, this third-party certification will provide assurance year-after-year for corporations and their individual facility sites.

Kroger highlights wins in Zero Hunger | Zero Waste initiative

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The Kroger Co. reported big strides in 2020 for its nearly four-year-old Zero Hunger | Zero Waste initiative, which aims to end hunger in communities it serves and eliminate food waste companywide by 2025.

Cincinnati-based Kroger said Tuesday that the company diverted 81% of waste from landfills in 2020, up 1% from 2019. The supermarket giant also cut total trash sent to landfills by 4% versus the previous year.

Analyzing a Product’s Waste Lifecycle Journey Before It Begins

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Clean Earth, a division of Harsco Corporation (NYSE: HSC), recently announced the launch of Fullcircle, a new program that “strategically analyzes waste at each source of generation, then offers solutions for recycling and beneficial reuse alternatives.”

Fullcircle’s goals are to eliminate all waste, recycle as much as possible, and build scalable, innovative programs for customers focused on zero waste.

We wanted to learn more, so we sat down with President David Stanton. Read on for more details.

Zero Waste Systems A Good Economic Recovery Bet

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A new study from GAIA, Zero Waste And Economic Recovery, finds cities that invest in zero waste programs and policies create good green jobs, in addition to known benefits of reducing pollution and improving community health. “Reuse creates over 200 times as many jobs as landfills and incinerators, recycling creates around 70 times as many jobs, and remanufacturing creates almost 30 times as many jobs,” notes the report, which collected data from a wide range of sources spanning 16 countries.

5 Inspiring Examples of Zero Waste Gardening

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These case studies show how clever reuse and upcycling can lead to significantly reduced waste.

Walmart pushes zero waste efforts with ‘bagless’ pilot

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In an effort to cut back on the use of disposable plastic bags, Walmart has started a “bagless” pilot in Vermont, according to a blog post on Monday from the retailer.

The pilot started Feb. 15, and Walmart stores in the state are now asking customers to bring their own reusable bags or containers, according to several local media reports. The outcome of the pilot will help guide the company’s future bagless efforts, wrote Jane Ewing, senior vice president of sustainability at Walmart.

The Mexican and Central American Walmart division is also going bagless, and more than 72% of the retailer’s stores in Mexico have already stopped providing plastic bags, Ewing wrote. The bagless efforts come at a time when Walmart and other retailers are continuing to ramp up their sustainability initiatives. 

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