New report shows environmental impact of cigarette waste

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A new report by the National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research (NICPR) has found that tobacco waste is a major environmental hazard in India, with millions of cigarette butts and other tobacco products being discarded every day.

The climate power of rural women

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Frontier Markets creates networks of women entrepreneurs to help rural communities consume with sustainability in mind.

Environment ministry creating genetic database of captive elephants to curb illegal trade: Officials

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A large number of captive elephants in India are privately owned and a majority of them are used for commercial or ceremonial purposes and rituals.

World-class lessons on zero waste

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Designers from around the world find inspiration in traditional garment making in their quest to eliminate fabric waste.

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A heat wave’s lamented victim: The mango, India’s king of fruits

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Blistering spring temperatures have devastated crops of the country’s most beloved fruit. “The soul of a farmer shudders at seeing these fruitless trees,” one grower said.

Indian megacity maps environmental memories

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Pollution and rampant construction have destroyed much of Mumbai’s natural coastal protection. Could recording stories from locals help create alternative visions of urban development?

End-of-life management of solar PV waste in India

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A new study proposes an ‘extended producer responsibility’ regulatory framework for end-of-life solar PV management in India.