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Coca-Cola trials refillable concept at Swedish store

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Coca-Cola Sweden has launched a pilot for refillable, on-the-go drinks solutions in a Stockholm convenience store.

Renewables take top spot as power source in EU, surpassing fossil fuels for first time

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The European Commission reported today that renewables generated more electricity than fossil fuels in Europe for the first time in 2020, generating 38% of EU’s electricity, compared to 37% of fossil fuel-powered energy.

3M fails to overturn regulators’ shutdown of PFAS production in Belgium

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A Belgian court has rejected 3M’s plea to overturn a recent ban on PFAS chemical production at its plant near Antwerp.

Environmental regulators for the Flemish regional government in Belgium two weeks ago ordered 3M to halt production of PFAS. It appears to be the first time any regulator globally has taken such action over the controversial class of chemicals.

Plastic packaging for fruit and vegetables to be banned in France

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The French Government has announced plans to ban fruit and vegetables from being sold in plastic packaging from January 1st, 2022, as part of its anti-waste law aimed at creating a circular economy with single-use plastic phased out by 2040.

EU launches the largest-ever green bond issue, deal draws record demand

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The sustainable finance market passed another record today, with the European Commission launching the largest ever green bond offering in a €12 billion 15-year bond offering, eclipsing the record-setting £10 billion inaugural Green Gilt issuance by the UK last month.

Businesses seek required reporting of emissions goals

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Businesses and financial institutions across the UK and Europe want all companies to be required to report their net zero emissions plans.

UK companies Aviva, BT Group and Tesco were among those with assets of up to $6.1 trillion that are asking the British government to get companies to disclose those carbon goals. The businesses are seeking mandatory disclosures from companies in the country regarding emissions goals to be made by 2025.

As the climate bakes, Turkey faces a future without water

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No nation in the Mediterranean region has been hit harder by climate change than Turkey. But as heat and drought increase, Turkey is doubling down on water-intensive agriculture and development and spurring a water-supply crisis that is expected to get much worse.

Food Waste Reduction Roadmap Progress Report 2021

Download the document.

WRAP and IGD launched the ground-breaking Roadmap in September 2018, with a scope that
encompassed the entire supply chain from field to fork, and with a call for businesses to commit
to implementing a strategy of Target, Measure, Act. This report outlines progress made in the third year of the Roadmap.

A low-carbon economy is cheaper than the costs of climate change, a report says

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After a summer of extreme heat, wildfires and floods in Europe, the costs of climate change — human and financial — have become increasingly stark. And a new report by the European Central Bank has reaffirmed the severe consequences of delays or inaction on climate change.

Banks and companies in the eurozone risk economic loss and financial instability, the central bank said Wednesday as it published the results of its first economywide climate stress test, part of a major effort by policymakers to support the transition to a net-zero carbon world.

The European Union wants a universal charger for cell phones and other devices

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If you live in the European Union, your days of futzing around with a handful of chargers to find one that fits your latest gadget may be numbered.

Under a proposal released Thursday by the E.U., there would be one universal charger for all cell phones and other handheld electronic devices — no matter whether you had an iPhone or Kindle or anything else.

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