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Design is helping new age chewing gum stand out from its plastic predecessors

Read the full story at Design Week.

As chewers wise up to the plastic content in conventional gums, we speak to the designers in charge of defining a new visual language for the sector.

Colgate Softsoap tablets raise brand’s sustainability profile

Read the full story at HAPPI.

Leading liquid soap brand rolls out new foaming soap tablets and refillable, recyclable aluminum bottle.

‘Green up’ your dairy packaging

Read the full story in Dairy Foods.

Consumers — millennials and younger consumers, in particular — are prioritizing packaging sustainability and are willing to pay for it.

Drop it then it’s hot: Coca-Cola Japan creates freeze-dried tea and coffee cubes to reduce packaging waste

Read the full story at Beverage Daily.

Coca-Cola Japan has developed a barley tea, green tea and coffee freeze-dried cube under the 1,2,CUBE brand to bring an innovative, convenient, and environmentally friendly solution to the instant beverage market.

Researchers develop polymer film made from 100% natural ingredients

Read the full story at Packaging Europe.

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have created a polymer film made from 100% plant protein that requires no chemical additives – and they claim it has comparable functionality to conventional plastics.

Greiner Packaging creates cardboard-plastic hybrid pack for Henkel’s dishwasher capsules

Read the full story at Packaging Europe.

Henkel’s new Somat Excellence 4in1 dishwasher capsules will be packaged in a cardboard-plastic hybrid solution created by Greiner Packaging that contains a 50% material made from recycled PP collected from end consumer households.

How can we redesign pill packaging to be accessible and sustainable?

Read the full story at Fast Company.

Blister packs were a major innovation when they debuted, but it’s time to acknowledge that they’re hard for some people to open and that they create enormous amounts of waste. There has to be a better way.

Unilever scales up refillable packaging trials with household brands

Read the full story at Packaging Europe.

Unilever has announced that it is expanding its refillable packaging trials across the UK, including its first ‘return on the go’ refill trial, in selected Asda supermarket and Co-op convenience stores.

Unilever joins pioneering rPP food packaging project

Read the full story at Packaging Europe.

Unilever has joined Nextek’s global NEXTLOOPP project, which aims to create food-grade recycled polypropylene (rPP) from post-consumer packaging waste.

Re:Water develops ‘world first’ 100% recycled aluminium bottle: ‘It’s cutting single-use packaging, plastics and carbon emissions’

Read the full story at Beverage Daily.

Spring water business Berrington Water recently launched Re:Water, a drinks brand that comes in a re-usable bottle made from 100% recycled aluminium and which is itself 100% recyclable. We caught up with Re:Water co-founder and Berrington Water Director Matt Crocker to hear more.

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