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Consumer & beauty brands collaborate on environmental impact scoring system for cosmetics

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Beauty and consumer products companies Unilever, Henkel, L’Oréal, LVMH and Natura &Co announced today a new collaboration to develop an environmental impact assessment and scoring system for cosmetic products.

Aimed at meeting growing consumer demand for transparency into the impact of products, the new system will provide clear and comparable information across the product lifecycle, providing an overall environmental impact score and enabling comparisons across cosmetics products within the same category.  

ADM leverages scale for sustainability: ‘We see this as a unique and important opportunity’

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ADM connects crops to market, processing agricultural commodities for human and animal health. We caught up with Alison Taylor, the company’s Chief Sustainability Officer, to learn how this unique position in the supply chain, coupled with ADM’s global scale, allows the company to contribute to environmental goals.

Shipping firm Maersk spends £1bn on ‘carbon neutral’ container ships

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Eight new vessels able to run on methanol fuel could help save more than 1m tonnes of carbon emissions a year.

Ikea is launching a furniture buyback program

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If you no longer need your Billy bookcase or Mörbylånga table, Ikea might buy it from you. The company is launching a new buyback service in the U.S., beginning with a pilot at a store near its North American headquarters in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, where used products will be resold.

McDonald’s sources majority of paper packaging from recycled and sustainable fiber

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The company’s latest sustainability report highlights that 99.6 percent of the chain’s paper bags, food wrappers, napkins and cup carriers come from recycled and sustainable fiber sources.

Tesla has big recycling goals — but is now the time to celebrate?

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With improvements to manufacturing facilities, Tesla is driving down the amount of waste generated per vehicle and has decreased manufacturing waste by 50 percent in new facilities, such as Shanghai’s Gigafactory. The company is advancing the same downward trend with water and energy intensiveness in manufacturing. 

The path to personal sustainability in ESG

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No one can single-handedly solve the climate crisis — yet for corporate sustainability professionals, every negative headline feels like a personal setback. When it comes to advancing ESG, progress is slow and, at times, imperceptible. Burnout is a real threat.

If we are to elevate sustainability in the world, we also must discover it within ourselves.

Soil carbon credits: The realities on the ground

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Soil carbon is gaining popularity as a credit, but it is also facing many challenges even in key markets like Australia and the US.

Samsung pledges to remove smartphone plastic packaging by 2025

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As Samsung unveils a new sustainability plan, LG has pledged to set emissions targets that would make it adhere to the Paris Agreement’s stretch goal.

Understanding the difference between carbon net zero and carbon neutral is critical

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As understanding of the climate crisis increases and we know more about the harm to ourselves, the environment, business, industry and the economy that will follow, so a desire to not only reduce carbon but to be seen reducing carbon increases.

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