Science-based Climate Targets: Helping Business Leaders Fill the Climate Ambition Void

Read the full story at Triple Pundit. Where governments may be mired in indecision and half-measures, science-based targets provide a platform for corporate climate leadership, from defining what a science-based target is to designing and implementing an audited mitigation target.

How waste audits can help cities and businesses

Read the full story in Waste Dive. Waste audits provide data on what's in our trash so that we can make smarter purchasing decisions, such as avoiding purchasing packaging that is not recyclable and asking suppliers to comply, rethinking product manufacturing and providing more specific and targeted recycling and organics diversion training programs.

London Store Upcycles 60,000 Plastic Bottles Into 3D-Printed Interior

Read the full story in Forbes. If you’re battling through the crowds on Regent Street in London, desperately seeking some inspiration this holiday season, you might want to stop and take a look at a very small, but very interesting new store opening called Bottletop. Located at the southern end of the busy road – …

Presentations from the Toxic Use Reduction Institute’s Fall 2017 Continuing Education Meeting now available

The Massachusetts Toxic Use Reduction Institute recently hosted an continuing education meeting. The presentations from that event are now available on their web site. They include: Strategies for Life Cycle Thinking and Product Sustainability at GE Plenary Speaker: Bill Flanagan, Aspire Sustainability Partners Update - November 16, 2017 Session A Materials Accounting Refresher Jeff Bibeau, Tighe & Bond …

That Ethical, Sustainable Chocolate You Love? It May Be a Fraud

Read the full story at Alternet. Ten percent of products in the food and drink category are "adulterated or mislabeled," according to a new study by Ecovia Intelligence, an ethical product research firm. Seafood, parmesan cheese, Kobe beef, herbal tea—all of these products were investigated and outed as oft-disguised and mis-marketed in Larry Olmstead’s 2016 food fraud …