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Unilever explores biology-based solutions for sustainable cleaning products

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Global consumer brands company Unilever announced today a new multi-year partnership with leading protein design company Arzeda, exploring biology-based solutions to transform the sustainability and performance of cleaning and laundry products.

Don’t give up: An entrepreneur’s journey to success in building affordable eco-friendly buildings

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This week, Sustainable Living Innovations broke ground in Seattle on what’s expected to be the world’s first net zero energy high-rise apartment building, called 303 Battery. The structure features floor-to-ceiling glass walls, widespread use of solar panels and captures rainfall and gray water for reuse.

Bechtel announces partnership for constructing more efficient data centers

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Bechtel has announced a collaboration with Nautilus Data Technologies to construct data centers that use 70% less power for cooling and don’t consume drinking water, according to a press release shared with Construction Dive.

Nautilus’ Total Resource Usage Effectiveness technology, a closed-water loop coolant system, will keep server racks cool, using less power than traditional air conditioning systems and leading to a 30% net reduction in energy-related carbon dioxide and air pollution, the release said.

The initiative, the partners claim, will help lessen the environmental footprint of data centers and close the “digital divide” by making it easier to build data centers in cities, rural communities and developing areas.

An architect with an eye on the environment

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Increasingly, architects and builders are thinking about how their creations affect the health of the planet. Kunle Adeyemi has built his career around that question.

ING develops innovative green loan incentivizing building owners to improve sustainability of properties

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ING Group U.S. subsidiary ING Capital announced today the closing of a $33 million Green Incentive Loan with homebuilding company Lennar Corporation subsidiary LMC, with unique asset-level attributes aimed at promoting improved property sustainability.

Green buildings & construction: Green codes

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Green buildings and construction requires strict adherence to codes. Let us not tarnish them

Advancing Net Zero Status Report 2021

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The Advancing Net Zero (ANZ) Status Report 2021 highlights leadership action from GBCs and the building and construction sector towards achieving total sector decarbonisation.

A hospital ward made from trash highlights Arthur Huang’s mission to revolutionize recycling

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The Modular Adaptable Convertible (MAC) ward at the Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital in Taipei is the world’s first hospital ward made with recycled materials, according to its creators, Taiwanese company Miniwiz. The wall panels are made from recycled aluminum and the coat hooks and door handles are made from recycled medical waste.

A new digital tool to help co-ops and condos cut carbon emissions

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The Department of Buildings (DOB) has unveiled new digital resources designed to help co-op and condo boards and their property managers comply with the looming Climate Mobilization Act. Beginning in 2024, boards that fail to bring their buildings’ carbon emissions under prescribed caps will face stiff fines. A second set of caps must be met by 2030.

The shiniest digital tool in the box is the DOB’s new website, NYC Sustainable Buildings. It’s designed to be a one-stop shop to help boards and property managers determine if their building falls under the law and, if so, how they can pay for retrofits that will help them comply and avoid fines.    

Scientists turn food scraps into sturdy construction materials

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A team of researchers from the University of Tokyo have found a novel new use for food waste: building stuff out of it. Pulverised seaweed, cabbage leaves and orange, onion and pumpkin skins were transformed into sturdy building materials by scientists from the university’s Institute of Industrial Science…

The research will be published during the 70th Annual Meeting of The Society of Materials Science in Japan this August.

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