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How can we better dispose of PPE so it doesn’t keep polluting our oceans?

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Six months after the Ocean Conservancy added a PPE category to its waste collection app, beach cleaners said they collected 107,219 such items.

IDOT spends more than $6 million to pick up litter

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The Illinois Department of Transportation spent more than $6 million of taxpayer money to pick up litter last year.

This is an easy problem to solve. Pick up your trash and throw it in a garbage can. And enjoy these PSAs that are (unfortunately) still relevant.

Clean SOIL: New initiative aims to fight litter across Southern Illinois with college students’ help

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Les Winkeler and Glenn Poshard are tired of seeing trash along the roads and in the natural areas of Southern Illinois.

“Try driving one mile (in Southern Illinois) without seeing trash. You can’t do it,” Winkeler said at news conference Tuesday at Veterans Airport in Marion.

Winkeler, outdoors writer and retired sports editor for The Southern Illinoisan, and Poshard, former congressman and ex-president of the SIU system, joined forces Tuesday to announce the start of a new initiative to clean up Southern Illinois and keep it clean.

The initiative is called Clean SOIL. 

These drones look for trash in waterways—and then send sailing drones to clean it up

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Together, flying drones and sailing drones are helping to clear rivers of plastic waste and oil spills.

Echoes of colonialism in the global waste ‘trade’

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“The onus to change should not be on the countries importing the waste; it should be on the UK Government.” Ria Patel, External Relations Officer for Greens of Colour, outlines the vicious cycle of waste export from developed to developing countries, and how this echoes the narrative of colonialism.

Latest EPA MSW Facts And Figures

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The U.S. EPA released its annual MSW Facts and Figures report in November, based on 2018 data. For the first time, the data includes a category titled “other food management,” defined as animal feed, biobased materials/biochemical processing, codigestion/anaerobic digestion, donation, land application and sewer/wastewater treatment. The quantity of food waste diverted through this category was 17.7 million tons as compared to 2.6 million tons recycled via composting.

Wisconsin launches waste characterization study at landfills as part of reduction effort

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SCS Engineers crews will visit 12 landfills across the state to sort 400 municipal solid waste samples and visually characterize 640 construction and demolition waste loads. Results of the study will provide a planning tool for waste reduction and minimization efforts across the state.

Pandemic plastic: How PPE litter is harming Evanston

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The coronavirus pandemic is generating mountains of medical waste that experts say are overwhelming recycling and garbage centers both in Evanston and across the nation.

How the coronavirus is changing L.A. County’s waste stream

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The coronavirus outbreak has indelibly imprinted itself on life in Los Angeles — down to the composition of trash washing up on its beaches.

Top Waste Leaders Are Prioritizing Sustainability

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Sustainability is part of the DNA of the waste and recycling industry and proof once again that it is filled with the world’s first environmentalists. At the recent Waste360/Stifel Investor Summit, moderator Michael E. Hoffman from Stifel Financial Corp., asked each speaker about their company’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and sustainability efforts.

Without exception, they discussed how sustainability is a priority that is increasingly embedded into the fabric of their companies — and offered some insights into the why and how.

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