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Chicago passes watered-down plastic foodware ‘ban’ that critics call greenwashing

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Under a new law passed Tuesday by a 37-10 vote from the Chicago City Council, restaurants will only be allowed to provide single-use “foodware” — a broad category that includes everything from plastic utensils to ketchup packets — if the items are requested by customers with takeout and delivery orders.

McDonald’s sources majority of paper packaging from recycled and sustainable fiber

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The company’s latest sustainability report highlights that 99.6 percent of the chain’s paper bags, food wrappers, napkins and cup carriers come from recycled and sustainable fiber sources.

Soccer fans can now eat their coffee cups

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The cookie-based cups now available at Manchester City’s stadium should stay crispy for half the duration of a soccer game.

Industry’s first carbon label: Foodsteps helps restaurants and food businesses quantify CO2 impact

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Foodsteps, a food-tech start-up established by Cambridge University scientists and alumni, has formally launched in the UK. It’s the first British tech firm to provide carbon tracking and impact labeling to restaurants, caterers and food businesses. This initiative helps companies calculate, reduce and label the environmental impact of their food.

Carbon labels for food businesses and restaurants launched in ‘world first’

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A company claims it is the first to make eco-labels widely available to all food businesses.

Greencore to trial ‘world’s first’ zero plastic sandwich skillet

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Greencore is to begin trials for an all-fibre, plastic-free recyclable sandwich packaging in Co-op and Sainsbury’s stores across the country.

Just Salad poised to take zero-waste dining nationwide

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The fast-casual chain plans to scale both its geographic footprint and its pioneering reusable bowl program, thanks to a cash infusion from circular-economy drivers Closed Loop Partners.

Reducing cheese waste at pizza restaurants with Unified Brands’ new Cheeser Station

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US foodservice equipment manufacturer Unified Brands, part of Dover, has introduced the Randell Cheeser Station designed to help pizza restaurants minimize cheese waste and create a more consistent product.

True Cost of Food: Measuring What Matters to Transform the U.S. Food System

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This report outlines the true cost of food, which includes the impacts on our health, the environment, biodiversity, livelihoods, and much more. With this new analysis, governments, advocates, corporations, and individuals are better equipped to catalyze the change needed to develop a truly nourishing, equitable, and sustainable food system in the United States.

Meet the mixologists behind ‘Asia’s most sustainable bar’

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At first glance, Penicillin is like any other upscale bar: dimly lit with plush green velvet benches around low tables, guests sipping on cocktails and snacking on bowls of salty chips, with sultry jazz humming in the background.

But there are a few not-so-conventional parts of this bar, too. Its white, tile-clad entrance doubles as a “laboratory” where its mixologists experiment with new flavors, and at the back, a “fermentation room” houses jars of home-brews.

It’s all part of a broader concept — from drinks to furniture — built around reducing waste and minimizing carbon emissions.

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