This Pea-Based Milk Is Healthier Than Almond Milk, And Actually Tastes Almost Like Milk

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From one of the founders of Method comes Ripple, a nondairy milk that won’t quite fool you into thinking it comes from cows—but is far better for the planet than the milk that does.

Net Impact’s Sustainable Food Idea Competition

Forward Food Competition invites proposals that present sustainable food ideas to industry experts. Ideas should focus on addressing a food systems challenge such as creating more sustainable products or addressing food waste. Application submission deadline is May 15.

Food Companies, Retailers Urge Stricter Big Rig Emissions Rules

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The EPA and US Department of Transportation’s proposed rules to cut carbon pollution from heavy-duty trucks should be stricter, according to a dozen major food and retail companies.

In a letter to the agencies about the standards, executives from General Mills, Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia Stonyfield Farms and nine other major companies say they support a 40 percent reduction in fuel use below 2010 levels by 2025.

The federal proposal would result in a 36 percent reduction by 2027.

Sustainability advocacy group Ceres organized the letter.

California Brewer Using Grey Water to Make Beer

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It’s a beer. It’s an IPA. It’s shower water?

Yes, Mavericks Grey Water Tunnel Vision IPA, is made with recycled water from sinks and showers and treated with NASA technology to clean and use. Though California law prohibits its sale for drinking, grey water, once put through the process is clean enough to, well, drink.

California-based Mavericks Brewing, the sister independent craft brewery of Half Moon Bay Brewing, is taking water conservation to another level with the IPA, made with 100 percent high-purity recycled water.

Answering the call to reduce water usage during California’s years-long drought, Mavericks Founder and Owner Lenny Mendonca teamed up with Sustainable Silicon Valley’s Russ Drinker to draw attention grey water recycling. When the idea of crafting a beer using grey water was mentioned, Mendonca jumped on it.


Craft breweries bet on sustainable technology

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As the craft brewing industry matures, many West Michigan producers have started seeking out technology that provides sustainable solutions to common issues.

Brewers’ lean manufacturing experience has positioned them to be more willing to invest in energy- and resource-saving technologies, for everything from energy capture and waste reduction to solar energy and biodigesters, according to industry sources.

The independent family-owned businesses also often take the long view on the investments, worrying less about immediate ROI in favor of finding workable solutions to persistent problems.

That’s led to opportunities for scientists and entrepreneurs working to develop those cutting-edge sustainable technologies.