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Whisky powered trucks? Scottish distillery launches transport fleet fueled by whisky waste

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Once known as the water of life, whisky is now making headlines as an eco-friendly fuel source. 

Scottish distillery glenfiddich has launched a fleet of specially converted trucks that run on green biogas made from its own whisky waste. The innovative closed loop system will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 99% when compared to diesel and other fossil fuels, with each truck displacing up to 250 tonnes of CO2e annually.

The weird, sustainable booze of the future tastes … good?

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Small distilleries like Empirical Spirits are working on uncategorizable drinks made of stuff like plum pits, for the resilient quaff of tomorrow.

Forestry firm Stora Enso to supply Diageo pulp for paper whisky bottles

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Finnish forestry firm Stora Enso (STERV.HE) said on Tuesday it would start supplying pulp for sustainable packaging company Pulpex, a research and development venture of British beverage maker Diageo (DGE.L).

Stora Enso and Pulpex will also work together to build a scalable high speed production line for bottles and other packages out of pulp fibre in a commercial capacity in 2022, the companies said in a joint statement.

Jim Beam distiller puts $1 billion behind sustainability, diversity, responsible drinking plans

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Alcohol company Beam Suntory announced Wednesday a $1 billion investment in new sustainability, diversity and responsible drinking initiatives.

As part of those plans, the producer of the Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark whiskey brands, pledged to reduce by half its water usage and greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Bread to Booze: Misadventure Distillery Makes Vodka from Surplus Baked Goods

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What if you could drink booze and help save the world by reducing food waste? That may be slightly hyperbolic, but Vista, California-based Misadventure Distillery aims to reduce the amount of food waste that enters the landfill by producing vodka made from surplus baked goods.

Tennessee Sustainable Spirits Webinar: Sustainability and Community Engagement

Feb 22, 2021, 1:30-2:30 pm CST
Register here.


  • Mark Valencia – TDEC: Environmental Scientist
  • Anthony Davis –  East Nashville Beer Works: President
  • Kelly Tipler – TN State Parks Conservancy: Executive Director       

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation – Office of Policy and Sustainable Practices (OPSP) invites you to the Tennessee Sustainable Spirits’ first webinar of the year. This webinar will discuss how spirits producers can address sustainability and community engagement. Attendees will learn more about how spirits producers can engage with the community in a way that educates or encourages sustainability.

The TN State Parks Conservancy has partnered with Tennessee Brew Works to develop a beer made with 100% local ingredients. A portion of proceeds from beer sales goes to the conservancy. Kelly Tipler from the TN State Park Conservancy will be discussing ways producers can partner with non-profit community organizations. East Nashville Beer Works is a brewery designed around the concept of community. Anthony Davis will discuss how East Nashville Beer Works engages with the community and how others can do the same.

Just the Thing for Miss Muffet’s 21st Birthday

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A new clear liquor is made from whey, the milky liquid left over from the cheesemaking process.

Diageo Sustainable Solutions Programme

Applications due: 12/16/2020

The Diageo Sustainable Solutions programme has announced a call to innovators to collaborate on sustainable technology focusing on four global challenges – energy, water, circularity and agriculture. They will fund up to £100k per pilot.


  1. Energy – low carbon heat for distilling and brewing. Example solutions: Waste heat recovery & reuse (including heat pumps), Hydrogen heat production, Solar thermal heat generation, Thermal energy storage and distribution, Low-carbon natural gas heat generation, Control & Instrumentation of heat balancing/energy management software, Geographically-specific solutions
  2. Water – water stress mitigation in production facilities. Example solutions:Intelligent / automated Water metering, Greywater Recycling (C&I) and wastewater treatment, Zero Liquid Discharge, Water harvesting (atmospheric and rainwater), Water reuse, Desalination, Hardware and software for efficiency improvement
  3. Circularity– sustainable glass bottle design. Example solutions: Radical light weighting and/or enhanced mechanical strength, Breakthroughs in forming technology in the context of container glass, Altering glass bottle content such as raw materials, additives, alternative coatings to minimize the materials footprint overall, Optimizing glass bottle attributes such as shape, color, decoration (labelling and/or sleeves) to significantly improve recycling recovery rates, Making labels and other non glass components 100% recyclable or compostable, Design for durability, reuse, ecommerce, improved packaging and logistics, while still delivering strong aesthetics, Premium (cosmetic) quality and clarity levels from improved sustainability manufacturing methods eg. high cullet content, Alternative filling processes to enable most sustainable glass container design and overall footprint
  4. Agriculture – smallholder farm resource efficiency. Example solutions:Regenerative agriculture solutions, Water sourcing and reuse solutions, Metering and control of soil condition and health (helping mitigate against erosion and or salinization), Services such as credit scoring, crop insurance and financing, Smart irrigation, irrigation support tools and solar irrigation, Farm knowledge networks, and equipment sharing platforms, Hyper-local weather forecasting, Goods and services marketplaces

About: Diageo is an international spirits company with North American distilling, manufacturing and packing locations in IL, KY (2), MD, TN, Canada (4) and USVI.

Application: Application information is confidential, includes only general company information (6 questions), challenge-specific information (6 questions, including a request to upload a presentation) and diversity and inclusion (1 question). Note the short timeline to contact/apply by December 16th.

Pilots: Each pilot will be sponsored by a Diageo Business Unit lead, with a dedicated Technical support team (from Diageo and supply chain partners). Successful pilots will be considered for scaling within the Diageo Supply Chain. Up to a 6-month pilot of collaboration to develop your ideas and demonstrate a proof of concept within our supply chain, with funding of up to £100k per pilot.

Next Round: Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Is Replanting White Oak Forests, and It’s Not a Marketing Gimmick

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In this episode of “Next Round,” VinePair CEO and founder Adam Teeter speaks to Ed Bello of Bulleit Bourbon and Eric Sprague of American Forests. While an unlikely pair, Bulleit recently teamed up with American Forests to launch their Frontier Fund, which hopes to restore the white oak population across the Eastern United States by planting 1 million trees over the next five years.

See the world’s first whiskey bottle made out of paper

Read the full story in Fast Company.

Johnnie Walker’s new whiskey bottle is made from a surprising ingredient. Don’t worry, it still tastes the same.

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