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Brewing up energy savings

Read the full story and listen to the podcast episode from U.S. DOE.

The craft brewing industry accounts for almost a quarter of the $100 billion U.S. beer market. In this episode, the folks at Deschutes Brewery in Oregon take us through the energy-consuming process of making beer and how the Department of Energy’s Better Plants Program benefits the breweries through reducing energy and water costs.

Solar panels help French winemaker keep climate change at bay

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A roof of solar panels shades Pierre Escudie as he inspects the last plump grapes to be harvested at his vineyard in southwest France, after a year of hard frosts and blistering heat that damaged many of his neighbours’ crops.

The solar panels insulate the grapes during periods of extreme cold and shield them from the sun’s harsh rays during heatwaves. The panels also rotate to allow more light to hit the vines on more overcast days.

How food companies meet demands for sustainability

Read the full story in Food Processing.

Sustainability is far more than a buzzword now. What do consumers (and others) expect, and how can those expectations be met?

Food tech startup uses fermentation to grow seafood alternatives

Read the full story at Food Business News.

Food technology startup Aqua Cultured Foods is developing whole-muscle cut seafood alternatives created through microbial fermentation. The company plans to introduce its first commercial products early next year.

App helps cold storage facilities improve energy use

Read the full story at Environment + Energy Leader.

Star Refrigeration is releasing an app that will help temperature-controlled storage facilities compare their energy use across the industry to help them find their most efficient use of power.

California beverage makers struggle to meet upcoming recycled content requirements

Read the full story at Waste Dive.

Bottlers must use at least 15% postconsumer resin in plastic containers by 2022, and more from there, but a recent CalRecycle report shows many haven’t yet hit the mark.

Del Monte Foods begins trials on two new plant-based plastic alternatives

Read the full story from Environment + Energy Leader.

Del Monte Foods has published its fiscal year 2021 Sustainability Report, highlighting, among other goals and commitments, trials on two new plant-based plastic alternatives for packaging.

Coca Cola talks deposit recycling schemes and plastic quality: ‘We need a step-change for packaging collection’

Read the full story at Food Navigator.

On its path to achieving zero waste and net zero GHG emissions, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners is advocating for deposit recycling schemes across Great Britain. Julian Hunt, VP of Communications & Public Affairs tells FoodNavigator this would help deliver best outcomes for businesses, consumers, and the environment.

Sustainability at the source: How Unilever is addressing deforestation, living wages, and regenerative agriculture

Read the full story at Food Navigator.

How is Unilever ensuring sustainability in sourcing regions? Hanneke Faber, President Foods & Refreshment at Unilever, weighs in.

Sustainable packaging that’s baked to compostable perfection

Read the full story in Packaging Digest.

Evanesce’s durable food trays made from starch and fiber are “baked like a cookie” and home compostable in 90 days.

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