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Adidas and ThredUp want to resell your used footwear

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The program aims to “extend the lifecycle” of clothing items by rewarding consumers with points in exchange for their old gear.

PFAS in cosmetics: Clearya and GSPI found PFAS in 1,000 products from 120 brands

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Clearya is a browser plug-in and a mobile app for iPhone and Android phones that works automatically while consumers are shopping online. When users browse products on Amazon, Sephora, and other online stores, the cosmetics’ ingredients are automatically analyzed. As a result, the user is then instantly notified of unsafe chemicals it detects, including PFAS. The goal is to make it easy for shoppers to choose products without chemicals of concern and make informed decisions.

Scientists find eco-friendly way to dye blue jeans

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New dyeing technology is sustainable, uses less water and has better color payoff.

The wildly inventive way one designer used old face masks

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Since plastic masks can’t be recycled, they’ll end up clogging landfills where they won’t biodegrade but will break down into smaller and smaller plastic fragments that will end up in our waterways, harming both animals and humans. But what if we used old masks to create useful new products? That’s the idea motivating the Italian artist and designer Tobia Zambotti, whose latest project is a puffer jacketed filled with plastic face masks as insulation.

Loop reusable packaging system expands beyond e-commerce to new stores, including Kroger

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Loop, a reusable packaging program from TerraCycle, has announced it will soon offer some of its products in select U.S. and Canadian retail stores. The program offers products from well-known brands in specialized returnable containers.

Loop will roll out the program “in the coming weeks” at some Fred Meyer stores in Oregon, and will follow up with pilots at several Burger King and Tim Hortons locations later this year. Walgreens, Ulta Beauty and other retailers are expected to join the program early next year, said CEO Tom Szaky during a presentation last week. Woolworths in Australia will also join.

The expansion pivots Loop from an e-commerce site to also having a presence in brick-and-mortar retailers with a “buy anywhere, return anywhere” model. Pilots have already started at Tesco and McDonald’s in the United Kingdom, Aeon in Japan and Carrefour in France. Worldwide, the Loop portfolio includes about 500 products from over 150 companies, Szaky said.

Wrangler launches denim featuring planet-friendly fiber made from textile waste

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Wrangler®, a global icon in jeanswear and casual apparel, today announced that it has teamed up with Infinited Fiber Company to incorporate Infinna™ – regenerated, recyclable fibers– into its global denim range for its Fall 2021 collection, the brand’s most sustainable denim yet. Combined with industry-leading innovations including Indigood™, foam-dye technology that lowers wastewater by over 99%, and an e-flow finishing process, this collection represents Wrangler’s next steps in circularity, water reduction and reduced environmental impact.

Fit for purpose: how to save clothes that no longer suit your shape or lifestyle

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From subtle tweaks to a complete remake, garments that you love but that no longer work for you can enjoy a second life.

Bradford Soap Works: A clean conscience

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Soap has been “having a moment” since the outbreak of COVID-19. With handwashing becoming a critical step in the fight against the coronavirus, the spotlight has been on hygiene, and the enormous effect cleansing has on improving global health. At the same time, this extraordinary surge in demand for handwashing products has led to growing environmental concerns about the use of liquid versions – anxieties about the industry’s impact on water usage, plastic pollution, and the sustainability of raw materials used in the provision of those products.

For Bradford Soap Works, a Certified Organic company with a reputation for being firmly eco-minded, a commitment to clean, sustainably sourced ingredients had been one of their pillars long before the pandemic figured into the equation.

Reebok x Jelly Belly footwear uses sustainable textile sourced from sugarcane

Read the full story at Candy & Snack Today.

Reebok International Ltd. and Jelly Belly Candy Co. are slated to launch a line of bold sneakers on September 28th on The shoes incorporate a literal representation of Jelly Belly’s signature sweetness by using a sustainable bio textile sourced from sugarcane.

Champion unveils sustainable line with The Renewal Workshop

Read the full story at Fashion United.

Athleticwear brand Champion has unveiled a new sustainable line with The Renewal Workshop, which turns discarded clothing and textiles into renewed apparel.

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