Anheuser-Busch buys enough wind power to brew 20 billion beers a year

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Anheuser-Busch has inked an agreement with Enel Green Power to purchase electricity delivered to the grid and renewable electricity credits amounting to 152.5 MW of output from the Thunder Ranch wind project in Oklahoma.

New Wind Farms Cause Friction In The Sky Over Military Flight Routes

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The hulking C-17 is the pack mule of the United States military, designed to lift and transport troops, tanks and even helicopters. Every American C-17 pilot is trained at the Altus Air Force Base in southwestern Oklahoma, where flight instructor Adam Bergoo says a key lesson is how to fly close to the ground.

“That’s one of our military missions, is to fly low-level, because that basically reduces the risk of detection, and getting shot at by the bad guys,” he says.

The western part of Oklahoma has been ideal for this because the skies are wide open. But Bergoo says one of his training routes is now partially blocked by a wind farm.

Gas Prices Spike But Texas Wind Farms — and Grid — Hold Steady After Harvey

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Harvey was the first major hurricane to hit the Gulf region since Katrina in 2005, and energy infrastructure has changed dramatically since then with the advent of wind and solar power. For that reason, energy observers have been keenly interested in the impact that Harvey would have on wind farms and other renewable energy installations when it hit Texas on August 28.

Texas is an especially significant test case because its wind industry has been surging in recent years.

New Lab Report: How to Cut the Cost of Wind Energy in Half

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New energy science and technological breakthroughs could cut the cost of wind energy in half by 2030—making it fully competitive with the fuel cost of natural gas.

This new finding is outlined in a report by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) that examines the future of wind power plants—backed by the supercomputing power of the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) national laboratories.


Distributed wind power keeps spinning, growing

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Both businesses and homeowners are increasingly using distributed wind power thanks to innovative business models and other trends, according to a new report released today.

The 2016 Distributed Wind Market Report offers the fifth annual analysis of distributed wind power, which largely involves generating wind power near where it will be used instead of purchasing it from large, centralized wind farms. Distributed wind can range from a small, solitary turbine at a remote cabin to several large turbines powering an entire neighborhood.

Wyoming embraces wind energy, and the jobs that come with it

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In Wyoming, the top coal-producing state in America, wind now provides 10 times more energy than it did a decade ago, and that may just be the beginning.

The Largest Wind Farm in the U.S. Is Growing in Oklahoma. It’s a Sign of the Times

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A new wind farm that could become the largest in the U.S. will be taking shape across the blustery plains of the Oklahoma Panhandle over the next three years, helping to wean four Southern states off of electricity produced with climate-polluting coal.