Distributed wind power keeps spinning, growing

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Both businesses and homeowners are increasingly using distributed wind power thanks to innovative business models and other trends, according to a new report released today.

The 2016 Distributed Wind Market Report offers the fifth annual analysis of distributed wind power, which largely involves generating wind power near where it will be used instead of purchasing it from large, centralized wind farms. Distributed wind can range from a small, solitary turbine at a remote cabin to several large turbines powering an entire neighborhood.

Wyoming embraces wind energy, and the jobs that come with it

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In Wyoming, the top coal-producing state in America, wind now provides 10 times more energy than it did a decade ago, and that may just be the beginning.

The Largest Wind Farm in the U.S. Is Growing in Oklahoma. It’s a Sign of the Times

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A new wind farm that could become the largest in the U.S. will be taking shape across the blustery plains of the Oklahoma Panhandle over the next three years, helping to wean four Southern states off of electricity produced with climate-polluting coal.

Even as Wind Power Rises, It Falls Under a Political Cloud

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As utility operations increasingly avail themselves of wind, the administration looks at whether conventional sources have been placed at a disadvantage.

Should we power ahead with very large wind farms?

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In the North Sea, clusters of smaller wind farms may be more efficient than single very large wind farms, according to a team from Denmark. But onshore or in offshore areas with very strong winds, very large wind farms are an option.

Deal with wind farm to boost University of Illinois’ clean-energy use

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University of Illinois officials announced Thursday a 10-year agreement to buy power from the largest wind farm company in the state, significantly boosting the renewable-energy use of the Urbana-Champaign campus.