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Vestas looking to scale up blade recycling partnership solution offering

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Vestas, the global leader in sustainable energy solutions, has been delivering a blade recycling partnership solution for several wind farm operators across the USA. Vestas is currently carrying out this service in the USA and is open to offering the solution in more regions where local recycling infrastructure is robust, and customer demand can be established.

The Future of Clean Hydrogen in the United States: Views from Industry, Market Innovators, and Investors

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The Future of Clean Hydrogen in the United States: Views from Industry, Market Innovators, and Investors is the first report in the series From Kilograms to Gigatons: Pathways for Hydrogen Market Formation in the United States that aims to develop a comprehensive analysis of policy opportunities for further hydrogen development in the United States. Based on over seventy interviews with leaders across the hydrogen value chain, this report details the current state of the hydrogen market in the United States.

World’s first carbon removal plant converting wood waste to hydrogen

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Climatetech company Mote is establishing its first facility to convert wood waste into hydrogen fuel while capturing, utilizing, and sequestering carbon dioxide emissions resulting from its process. It’s estimated that more than 500 million metric tons of wood and agricultural waste are generated every year in the US, which today is either disposed of via natural decay, landfills, or open-air burn, all of which return carbon to the atmosphere. With the engineering work of their first facility underway, Mote expects to produce approximately seven million kilograms of carbon-negative hydrogen and remove 150,000 metric tons of CO2 from the air annually. Mote expects to start hydrogen production starting as soon as 2024.

Thyssenkrupp to supply shell with 200 MW electrolysis plant for green hydrogen hub in Netherlands

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thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers, a joint venture of industrial and technology conglomerate thyssenkrupp and Industrie De Nora announced an agreement to engineer and build a 200 MW electrolysis plant for Shell’s ‘Hydrogen Holland I’ green hydrogen project in the Netherlands.

Shell is currently working on plans to develop a large-scale hydrogen hub in the port of Rotterdam. The Hydrogen Holland I project will produce green hydrogen for industry and the transport sector, with electricity coming from offshore wind warm Hollandse Kust, in development approximately 18.5 kilometers off the Dutch coast.

Solar parks could be used to boost bumblebee numbers, study suggests

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Lancaster University researchers say sowing wildflowers alongside panels would have benefits for farmers who rely on pollinators.

Seeking tribal sovereignty through solar

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A group of Midwestern Native American “solar warriors” is working to help tribes break cycles of energy poverty and what they call “colonial exploitation” with access to locally controlled, low-cost renewable power.

Recently rebranded the Indigenized Energy Initiative (IEI), they serve as a kind of utility incubator that assists with the creation of new solar installations, including offering education on construction and how to secure federal funds.

State Strategies for Expanding Economic Opportunity in Clean Energy

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The energy transition presents a big economic opportunity, and states are putting forth well-articulated and robust strategies for developing low-carbon industries. Some states, motivated by ambitious climate goals, envision lower emissions and economic co-benefits to go hand in hand. But almost every state has some focus on developing new industries—even those without strong internal commitments to climate action. Often, state strategies to promote economic opportunity build upon existing industrial strengths and resource endowments and aim to protect existing industries as the energy transition takes hold. Many initiatives are also linked to broader socio-economic objectives, targeting disadvantaged communities or those affected by energy transitions. This paper highlights a selection of representative states to illustrate various strategies and tools states are deploying to seize upon clean energy opportunities.

Renewable energy is great—but the grid can slow it down

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Many solar and wind projects face a problem: getting the energy from where it’s made to where it’s needed.

Green hydrogen could compete with traditional hydrogen by 2030, natural gas by 2050: report

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Green hydrogen remains too expensive to compete against conventional sources of hydrogen and other fuels, but the number of hydrogen projects underway has grown seven-fold in the past year as investors bank on the likelihood that hydrogen costs will fall, according to a report out last week from Wood Mackenzie.

Green hydrogen may be cheaper than natural gas in at least 16 countries by 2050, and should be cheaper than conventional hydrogen extracted from fossil fuels by 2030 in most countries, according to Martin Tengler, lead hydrogen analyst for BloombergNEF.

As-yet unexplored regulatory and technology options could cause the price of hydrogen to drop even further, according to Janice Lin, founder and president of the Green Hydrogen Coalition. “Clearly that’s not where costs are today,” Lin said, “but I think we’ve answered the question of ‘is this even possible’ — and the answer, I’m happy to report, is yes.”

Air Products taps thyssenkrupp for massive electrolysis plant at one of world’s largest green hydrogen projects

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thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers, a joint venture of industrial and technology conglomerate thyssenkrupp and Industrie De Nora, announced today that it has been awarded a contract by industrial gases company Air Products, for the delivery of a more than 2 GW electrolysis plant for one of the world’s largest green hydrogen projects at NEOM in Saudi Arabia.

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