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Waste from one bitcoin transaction ‘like binning two iPhones’

Read the full story from The Guardian.

A single bitcoin transaction generates the same amount of electronic waste as throwing two iPhones in the bin, according to a new analysis by economists from the Dutch central bank and MIT.

Can you recycle a hard drive? Google is quietly trying to find out

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Rare earth magnet recycling is about so much more than sustainable data centers.

Redivivus announces proof of concept for novel lithium-ion battery recycling process

Read the company news release.

Redivivus® announced today that it has successfully completed a proof of concept (PoC) to build Redi-Cycle™, a novel lithium-ion battery recycling process.

Circular economics and the $57B e-waste opportunity

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There is a huge market in being able to divert these materials from landfills, and in being able to extend the asset life of products or the individual components within.

E-waste recycling boost ‘needed to enable transition to net-zero’

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The UK alone is losing at least £13.6m worth of critical raw materials for the net-zero transition, such as lithium, to the linear economy each year, due to a lack of capacity for recycling used electricals and electronics.

Illinois EPA urges legal action against battery company over Morris fire

Read the full story in the Chicago Tribune.

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency is recommending the state attorney general’s office pursue legal action against Superior Battery, the unlicensed business that was storing as many as 200,000 pounds of lithium batteries that caught fire in Morris on Tuesday, forcing thousands of people to evacuate.

In its recommendation, the Illinois EPA “alleges Superior Battery Inc. has caused, threatened, or allowed the discharging of contaminants to the air and water, and disposed or abandoned waste at an unregulated facility.”

Its referral is called an “enforcement action,” requesting the state move to penalize the company for several alleged violations.

1,000 homes evacuated after pounds of lithium batteries explode in old Illinois paper mill

Read the full story in USA Today.

A raging industrial fire at an old paper mill in Illinois prompted at least 1,000 home evacuations as toxic fumes spewed into the air.  

For the second day, clouds of smoke filled the air in Morris as 180,000 to 200,000 pounds of lithium batteries continued to explode. 

G7: ‘Mount Recyclemore’ of leaders made from electronic waste in Cornwall

Read the full story from the BBC. The Instagram post is from one of the artists involved in the project.

A sculpture of the G7 leaders shaped like Mount Rushmore made of electronic waste has been erected in Cornwall ahead of the G7 Summit.

Recycling critical metals in e-waste: Make it the law, experts warn EU, citing raw material security

Read the full story from the CEWASTE Project.

End-of-life circuit boards, certain magnets in disc drives and electric vehicles, EV and other special battery types, and fluorescent lamps are among several electrical and electronic products containing critical raw materials (CRMs), the recycling of which should be made law, says a new UN-backed report funded by the EU.

How One Scientist Is Giving Old Phones a Second Life With E-Waste Microfactories

Read the full story at Discover.

Veena Sahajwalla launched a new way to recycle electronic waste that skips tons of transit and re-forms materials on-site. She’s since added plastics to the mix, and is expanding her microfactories across Australia.

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