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5 Inspiring Examples of Zero Waste Gardening

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These case studies show how clever reuse and upcycling can lead to significantly reduced waste.

Artist Turns Nuts, Bolts, and Scrap Metal Into Life-Size Animal Sculptures

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While most of us dispose of old car parts and unused cutlery at the dump, Aloha, Oregon-based artist Brian Mock turns scrap metal into fantastic outdoor sculptures. He collects use and discarded materials—such as screws, nuts, and bolts—and assembles them into human and animal forms.

Mock has been exploring a number of artistic practices from an early age, but discovered his love of upcycling art in the 1990s. He taught himself how to weld, allowing him to visualize his artistic ideas as metal sculptures. Today, he’s creating an entire zoo of metallic animals—including dogs, cats, and larger-than-life lions—all from 100% reclaimed materials. Mock chooses each piece of scrap metal carefully to fit the forms of his subjects—dog tails are depicted as flexible metal chains, and floppy ears are crafted from large sheets of curved steel.

“Giving old, everyday objects a new life as one sculpture is an artistically demanding, yet gratifying process,” says Mock. “My work is designed to emphasize resourcefulness and encourage viewer engagement. Audience reactions fuel my creativity and help me bring my visions to life.”

Scroll down to check out some of Mock’s scrap metal sculptures and find more from his portfolio on his website.

5 easy reuse projects to become a DIY master

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Turn your trash into treasure with these quick and easy craft projects.

H&M’s Green Machine: A recycling solution?

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The fast fashion group has developed a piece of proprietary technology that separates and recycles polyester- and cotton-blended clothing at scale. A capsule collection is next.

Washed Ashore Creates Zoo of Sea Creatures for Plastic Waste Art Exhibit

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French Impressionist Edgar Degas once stated, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

While the late-19th century artist captured ballerinas in traditional mediums, Washed Ashore Founder and Creative Director Angela Haseltine Pozzi takes the meaning behind the phrase in a more literal sense.

The Oregon native and a community of volunteers work diligently on a daily basis to collect plastic waste of all shapes and sizes to make sea creatures that tower over curious museum-goers in a traveling art exhibit.

This Copenhagen artist turns trash into trolls

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Scandinavian legends and landscapes inspire fairy tales, films, and tourist attractions, including goofy giants by a Danish ‘recycle art activist.’

UF Health anesthesiology team devises respirator mask made from existing hospital materials

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With respiratory masks used by health workers battling the coronavirus in short supply, the University of Florida Health’s department of anesthesiology has developed masks that can be produced in large quantities using materials already found in hospitals and medical facilities.

11 Ways To Upcycle a T-Shirt

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How many T-shirts are in your drawers? It’s estimated that over 2 billion T-shirts are sold each year. T-shirts are a wardrobe staple for many people, but what happens to them when they don’t get worn any longer? You could always donate them to a thrift store, but their T-shirt shelves are overflowing and there isn’t much demand for used T-shirts. If you are a craft person, there are hundreds of fun upcycling projects that use T-shirts.

The following are just a few of my favorite ways to upcycle T-shirts.

What happened with Samsung’s smartphone upcycling program

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To turn an older phone that’s maybe two to three years old into a new platform ready for development, Samsung’s engineers reimaged the devices with updated software, allowing custom applications to be developed — not what you would find on your personal phone.

While many initial concepts from the pilot program were consumer-focused — need a pet-feeding app? — some ideas that have emerged could prove far more impactful from a commercial or societal perspective. 

Winged Insects Made From Old Computer Circuit Boards And Electronics

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Our society discards a lot of electronics, as they are rendered obsolete almost every day, but artists like Julie Alice Chappell, based in the UK, are there to pick up the pieces and turn them into beautiful recycled art. In her case, she turns old computer circuit boards and electronics into beautiful winged insects in a series called “Computer Component Bugs.”

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