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Study reveals gaps in education for recycling paper, packaging

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The recently released 2021 Consumer Recycling Habits survey by the Paper and Packaging Board (P+PB), revealed that while 95% of Americans say they recycle (and only 25% of them recycle ‘some of the time’), fewer than half know the basics of recycling.

The new normal?

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As Southside Recycling waits to start up its new state-of-the-art shredding facility in Chicago, the company is navigating permitting issues related to environmental justice concerns.

Coca Cola talks deposit recycling schemes and plastic quality: ‘We need a step-change for packaging collection’

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On its path to achieving zero waste and net zero GHG emissions, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners is advocating for deposit recycling schemes across Great Britain. Julian Hunt, VP of Communications & Public Affairs tells FoodNavigator this would help deliver best outcomes for businesses, consumers, and the environment.

Australia’s official battery recycling scheme ramping up a network with new look: B-cycle

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In the lead-up to the January 2022 launch of the national public Scheme, B-cycle will be actively pursuing new industry participants such as household battery importers, manufacturers, recyclers, and retailers to join the Scheme.

Why industry and government want to change the rules around a universal recycling symbol

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In this last week prior to the final decision, local governments, nonprofits, and one of the country’s largest waste and recycling corporations shared more with Waste360 on what they think the legislation, dubbed by some as the “Truth in Recycling” bill, will mean. They answer questions like: How do you see the law impacting your operations as well as the state of recycling throughout California? And do you foresee both benefits and possible barriers associated with SB 343?

China to ramp up recycling, incineration in new plastic pollution push

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China will boost its plastic recycling and incineration capabilities, promote “green” plastic products and take action against the overuse of plastic in packaging and agriculture, it said in a 2021-2025 “five-year plan” published on Wednesday.

California lawmakers end session by passing slate of recycling, organics bills

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Bills regulating recyclability and compostability claims on packaging, restricting exports of plastic scrap, and updating the state’s bottle bill are all heading to Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Wisconsin residents could conserve more food and recycle more paper, a state DNR study finds

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The state Department of Natural Resources is hoping to encourage more residents to recycle and utilize composting after a review of the state’s garbage found a large amount of cardboard, plastic and spoiled food in dumps across the state. 

Over the past year, employees from the department have been evaluating trash from 14 landfills across the state, representing about 72% of the state’s municipal waste, said Casey Lamensky, the solid waste coordinator for the department. 

Meet Maryland’s ‘boat whisperer’ who carves old kayaks into hand paddles for charity

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John Su is sweating.

On most weekdays, the special education teacher would be in his classroom with high school students. But even under the shade of his garage, Su feels the swelter of the summer day as he hacks away at a worn kayak scraped up beyond repair.

Although Su owns nine different kayaks at the moment — his record is around 18 — this isn’t his boat. 

A network of paddling devotees from around the country bring him kayaks like this one that are past their prime and would otherwise be trashed. Su then whittles them down into hand paddles, carving more rustic, scrappier sets than those sold at a sports goods store. 

EPA outlines multifaceted e-scrap threat from batteries

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Federal officials recently examined battery-related fires in a variety of recycling settings, including electronics processing sites. In addition to noting safety concerns, the analysis determined that batteries “jeopardize the economics of the electronics recycling industry.”

The EPA report, published last month, comes as there is heightened attention on lithium-ion battery fires across many sectors of the waste management industry. For the report, EPA researchers examined e-scrap facilities, municipal recycling centers, landfills, transfer stations and other locations.

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