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SABIC partners to create circular polymers from ocean-bound plastic

Read the full story at Recycling Today.

The Saudi Arabian company is working with Malaysia-based HHI to chemically recycle mixed and used ocean-bound plastic into certified circular polymers.

How chemistry is part of the solution to climate change – and not just part of the problem

Read the full story from the World Economic Forum.

There’s little doubt that chemistry has had a profound and positive impact on our lives. Used in everything from detergent and toothpaste, to medicines, plastic, paints and beyond, chemicals play an integral role in society. Unfortunately, using some comes with serious unintended consequences, with harmful compounds damaging both the environment and human health.

While it can pose problems, chemistry is not the enemy. In fact, one branch of chemistry – green chemistry – offers a promising solution. Taking its lead from nature, its approach is to design chemical products and processes in a way that reduces or eliminates the use or generation of hazardous substances, thereby creating better, safer end results and reducing waste. Its application encompasses the entire life cycle of a product, from design and manufacture, through to use and recycling or disposal at the end of its useful life.

Waste not, want not: New process turns manure into fatty acids

Read the full story from the Wisconsin Energy Institute.

University of Wisconsin–Madison researchers have demonstrated a new process for transforming a plentiful Wisconsin waste into fatty acids, energy-rich molecules that can be used to make fuels and a wide range of important chemicals.

Companies tiptoe back to biobased acrylic acid

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Companies large and small are showing renewed interest in biobased acrylic acid as technological advances and growing consumer concern about sustainability make the product more economically viable.

Can photosynthesis lead to more sustainable biomanufacturing?

Read the full story at European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer.

Nusqe Spanton, CEO and founder of Provectus Algae looks at how photosynthesis can offer sustainability in biomanufacturing and the role microalgae play in this.

Converting waste nitrates into ammonia with solar power

Read the full story in Chemical Engineering Progress.

A major waste stream could become a resource in a new process that turns nitrates into ammonia with the power of the sun.

Lummus and Braskem partner to license technology for two green ethylene projects

Read the company news release at Waste360.

Lummus Technology announced that it has executed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Braskem Netherlands B.V., a subsidiary of Braskem, the largest biopolymer producer in the world. The MOU is for the licensing of Braskem’s green ethylene technology for two ethanol to ethylene conversion projects under development in North America and Asia, signaling a global interest in the technology.

How a bacterium may help solve the plastic pollution crisis

Read the full story from the Nara Institute of Science and Technology.

Researchers have found that the bacterium Ideonella sakaiensis can fermentatively convert environmentally problematic poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) plastics into highly biodegradable poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) (PHB) plastics. Their findings have promising environmental implications because they provide a new approach not only for PET recycling but also for the sustainable production of biodegradable plastics.

Expansion to global capabilities for circular plastics from Dow

Read the full story at Packaging Europe.

Dow says its advancements in the USA and Europe will enable it to produce circular polymers from material previously considered unrecyclable, adding that it is currently seeking third-party certification for product assurance for its customers.

LANXESS and BP collaborate on ‘sustainable’ raw materials for plastics production

Read the full story at Packaging Europe.

Speciality chemicals company LANXESS and energy company BP have entered into a strategic partnership aimed at increasing the use of sustainable raw materials in high-tech plastics production.

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