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Protecting biodiversity ‘crucial’ to fighting hunger: IFAD

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Increased investment in biodiversity is needed to eradicate hunger and achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, according to the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

Farming without a net

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California’s sustainable farms offer lessons in climate resilience, but the agricultural system still favors industrial operations.

20 meat and dairy firms emit more greenhouse gas than Germany, Britain or France

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Twenty livestock companies are responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than either Germany, Britain or France – and are receiving billions of dollars in financial backing to do so, according to a new report by environmental campaigners.

Avocados and vanilla among dozens of wild crop relatives facing extinction

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Study finds agriculture and pesticide use threaten relatives of world’s most important crops, considered crucial to food security.

P.E.I. farmers test out ways to reduce greenhouse gases and store carbon

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Mark and Sally Bernard of Barnyard Organics in Freetown, P.E.I., are part of the new P.E.I. Agriculture Climate Solutions Program, funded by the provincial and federal governments.

Broccoli and cauliflower wasted in droves in labour crisis

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Reports are surfacing of substantial amounts of vegetables going to waste that would otherwise be destined for fresh produce or frozen food processors because of the lack of labour required to harvest them.

How ag investment can bring water and climate goals within reach: ‘Our traditional ways of working have not kept pace with the changes the world is undergoing’

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For the Global South to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, help stabilise global warming and protect water resources, agricultural innovation is needed. Investing US$15.2bn a year more will bring a number of ‘critical goals’ within reach, according to new research.

To make fishing sustainable, we need to track fish as they move around the world

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Wealthier nations have extensive telemetry networks, but the majority of worldwide fish catch goes untracked

California’s ‘Cantaloupe Center’ struggles to reign supreme as drought pummels agriculture across the West

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Climate change and a devastating heat wave have decimated towns like Mendota this summer, and the carnage stretches far beyond fruit. Farmworkers are struggling to find employment, working fewer hours or driving long distances for jobs. Fewer workers means less spending in the community. Less money for farm suppliers, restaurants, and the small shops where people wire money to family members in Mexico and Central America. Without the water everyone needs to survive, a sense of anxiety pervades about what the future will bring.

‘The sector is behind over a quarter of total emissions’: Global investor group steps up pressure on industry over climate goals

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The Climate Action 100+ coalition says food and beverage companies are ‘not on track’ for an 85% cut in emissions by 2050.

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