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This startup is using sunlight and captured CO2 to make jet fuel

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In a field in the desert next to a freeway in Tucson, Arizona, the sun beams down on a large mirror in a research park, powering a small reactor nearby. Inside that reactor, captured carbon dioxide is being transformed into synthetic jet fuel.

Delta signs $1 billion sustainable aviation fuel agreement

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Renewable fuels and biochemicals company Aemetis announced a new offtake agreement with Delta Air Lines for the delivery of 250 million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) over 10 years. Deliveries are slated to begin in 2024, and the value of the agreement is estimated to be more than $1 billion.

Space waste and sustainability: Who is working to keep Earth’s orbit clean

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In a recent virtual event, Ian Christiansen and Chris Blackerby, group COO, Astroscale, spoke about the implications of space exploration and the waste it creates.

Want your jet to fly on emissions-cutting fuel? This interactive map shows where to find it in the US

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As demand for sustainable aviation fuel grows, environmental consulting firm 4Air has created a map showing all US refueling locations.

Biden outlines a plan for cleaner jet fuel. But how clean would it be?

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Some biofuels may contribute to greenhouse gas emissions in ways that can significantly reduce, and sometimes offset, their advantages over fossil fuels, studies have shown.

New tool maps future climate costs for airlines, passengers

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When Phoenix temperatures topped 120 F in June 2017, American Airlines canceled dozens of flights at a local airport because the airplanes could not take off safely in the extreme heat. Scenarios like this are likely to become more common as a result of climate warming, scientists say, but the operational costs to airlines and passengers are largely unknown.

To fill this gap in knowledge, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign industrial and enterprise systems engineering professor Lavanya Marla, her Ph.D. student Jane Lee and University of Michigan professor Parth Vaishnav built a mathematical model to calculate how much it will cost airlines to cope with rising temperatures. The model incorporated historical schedule and traffic data; present-day airport design; and airline fleet composition, scheduling and troubleshooting protocols. It used these data in conjunction with future climate projections to calculate the relative costs of different methods of responding to flight disruptions caused by higher temperatures in a warming climate.

The six problems aviation must fix to hit net zero

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With passenger numbers growing and time to slash emissions dwindling fast, the industry must tackle urgent stumbling blocks on fuel, frequent flyers and more.

JetBlue signs new sustainable aviation fuel partnership for LAX flights

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JetBlue announced today an expansion of its Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) program, with the launch of a new partnership with World Energy and World Fuel Services. The new agreement will enable JetBlue to begin using SAF on flights from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), starting this month.

United Airlines launches sustainable aviation-focused venture capital fund

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United Airlines announced the launch of United Airlines Ventures, a new venture capital fund aimed at investing in sustainable aviation-focused companies, as well as in revolutionary aerospace developments and innovative technologies that are expected to create value for customers and United’s operation.

Amazon, Fidelity invest in zero emissions aviation company BETA

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Electric aviation startup BETA Technologies announced that it has raised $368 million in a Series A private funding round led by Fidelity and joined by Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund as well as new and returning investors.

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