About ENB

Environmental News Bits is written and maintained by Laura L. Barnes, who is the Sustainability Information Curator at the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center. She also served as Executive Director of the Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable until that program ended in 2019.

Please direct any questions, comments, or suggestions to l-barnes@illinois.edu.

Want to see more of Laura’s work? View her portfolio.

Environmental News Bits does not accept advertising, sponsored posts, unsolicited guest posts, or link exchanges. Inquiries regarding these topics will be ignored.

2 thoughts on “About ENB

  1. All very informative and helpful! Because of your posts I have information to make my campus’s curriculum green in every department! Right now I’m trying to do some grant writing and trying to obtain sponsors for upcoming projects. I’m trying to make a green business model for our campus to help ‘increase revenues’ by saving. Thank you!

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