Sustainability perspectives across the globe

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Looking through the lens of World Packaging Organisation (WPO) members the world of Sustainability is ever-evolving, dynamic and in a flux of change.

As a part of the recent Sustainability & Save Food Working group meeting some 21x countries, including Finland, Austria, Italy, Poland, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England, United States of America, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Israel, India, China, the Philippines, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand, came together to discuss the latest trends, barriers, challenges and initiatives within their country and region.

What is interesting is that the sentiment is the same in every corner of the globe, in that, whilst a lot is happening in circular and sustainable design, a lot more needs to be done to realistically be able to meet packaging and waste targets globally, regionally and locally. The common themes look at designing out waste at the start, eliminating problematic materials, phasing out single use plastics, incorporating more recycled content into products, and ensuring that the materials and packaging that is put out into the market is in fact capable of being collected, sorted, recycled, reprocessed and put back into other solutions.

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