What brands excel at recommerce?

Read the full story at GreenBiz.

The GreenBiz team has covered resale, a.k.a. recommerce, a lot over the years. Examples include:

We can sum up the broad takeaway of these articles in one sentence: The fast growth of recommerce programs has been a mixed bag when it comes to environmental benefits. 

A new report from OSF Digital (a digital transformation company) and Trove (a recommerce platform provider) aims to shed light on the trends and leaders in recommerce. We know from this report, as well as the annual ThredUp Resale Report, that recommerce revenue is poised to grow at three to five times the rate of traditional retail through 2030. What is still unclear from that growth is whether this business model will drive down the production of new products. Additionally, this rapid growth means both opportunity and responsibility for those advocating recommerce initiatives.

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