Call for applications: Carbon Removal Justice Fellows Program

Deadline: May 20, 2023
Apply here.

The National Wildlife Federation and the Institute for Carbon Removal Law and Policy at American University invite applicants for the inaugural cohort of the Carbon Removal Justice Fellows Program (“the Fellows Program”). 

Carbon removal involves working with biological systems or using technological means to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and put that carbon dioxide into long term storage or productive use. Carbon removal must now be considered an essential component of humanity’s response to climate change. Not all forms of carbon removal are, though, created equal. Good carbon removal will help the world meet climate goals and will also be good for people, particularly frontline and environmental justice communities. 

The Fellows Program is designed to bring environmental justice voices and perspectives into the fast-developing field of carbon removal policy, research, and private sector activity. Large amounts of US government and private sector money are starting to move into carbon management projects. It is essential that environmental justice considerations be represented in carbon management decision making.  

The Fellows Program will:

  • Provide participants with an introduction to the field of carbon removal, centering environmental justice considerations and concerns;
  • Include conversations with key figures in US federal policymaking, the private sector, and civil society; and
  • Involve site visits to two U.S. locations grappling with decisions around carbon removal.

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