Efforts underway to make upcycled grains more affordable

Read the full story at Food Business News.

Upcycling brewers’ spent grains adds protein and fiber to food and beverage products. The practice has a sustainability benefit, too, in that it reduces food waste. Yet cost remains an issue.

“Having it make financial sense has been where the struggle is,” said Sue Marshall, founder and chief executive officer of NetZro. “If you ever want to get safe, upcycled grain into cereal, it has to be at a certain price per lb.”

During a March 8 webinar put on by the Fargo-based Northern Crops Institute, she explained how Minneapolis-based NetZro reduces, recovers and re-harvests food that otherwise would be wasted. Upcycled ingredients prevent food waste by creating products out of surplus food and byproducts, according to NetZro.

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