Grey To Green: North American Tour 2023

At the 2023 Regional Grey to Green Conferences, we will be exploring the most recent green infrastructure science, economic valuation, asset management, public policy, technologies, and best practices in design, installation and maintenance. Our goal is to help inform the current policy debate by making the case for a rapid and significant increase in green infrastructure investment, a trend thatʼs now occurring worldwide.

These will be smaller scale conferences, with a strong focus on providing content tailored for designers, contractors, installers, maintenance professionals, and policy makers. This content includes practical information about the implementation and maintenance of green infrastructure systems. There will also be introductory programming to attract new attendees.

Each event will be 2 days, with training, a plenary session, tours, technical presentations, panel discussions and a central trade show. There is no overarching theme for the conferences, but each will feature regionally significant speakers and presentations.

Regional 2023 Grey to Green Events

  • Boston Region | April 23 & 24
  • Toronto Region | June 11 & 12
  • Grand Rapids Region | August 9 & 10
  • New York City Region | September 17 & 18
  • Vancouver & Cascadia Region | November 12 & 13

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