Why racism in the environmental movement must be solved by white people

Read the full story at Triple Pundit.

If you’re a white person who cares about the environment and you wonder why there aren’t more Black, Indigenous, or people of color (BIPOC) in your climate tech startup, environmental nonprofit or corporate sustainability program, keep reading. If you’re feeling like you’re struggling with trying to succeed in life, you want to “make a difference,” and not sure why however much money you make or whatever you accomplish doesn’t ultimately satisfy you, this is also for you.

I’ll start off by talking about some core aspects of white culture, white privilege, and how white culture impacts how we engage in communities around sustainability and the green energy transition. Examining white culture and white privilege are essential to diversity, equity and inclusion work, because work that is aimed at racial equity can ignore the background of white privilege that our society operates in. We need to take a bigger-picture view. 

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