Webinar: Water conservation at home

Apr 17, 2023, noon
Register here.

Conserving water can be simple with the right items in place and a few small habit changes. We all know the obvious “turn the water off” ways to save water, but what about considering water quality and how you can save some of the energy it takes to get water to your tap? Join Peggy Doty, Natural Resources, Environment, and Energy Educator, as she shares some of her own water conservation tips at home.

Next in the series
Mark your calendar and watch for your email invitations to the rest of the series designed to give you and your family the tools you need to make informed choices around our most important resource, water.

  • Jul 17: Summer outdoor wise water use 
  • Oct 16: Learn what microplastics are and how to prevent pollution at home
  • Jan 22: Plant a pollinator garden to conserve water

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