LinkedIn Live: Green Chemistry Education for a More Sustainable Future

Let’s reimagine our relationship to how chemicals are traditionally engineered and manufactured—including how we educate the next generation of scientists and researchers. Applying this greener thinking lens is key to reducing our impact on the environment and on human health while simultaneously accelerating science.

On Tues., Apr. 11, 2023, at 12pm EDT, Beyond Benign is hosting a discussion on integrating green chemistry principles into curriculum and practices worldwide for a more sustainable future, including tangible best practices scientists can implement today … for a greener future tomorrow.

The free event will feature John Warner, co-founder and board member, Beyond Benign, as well as a #greenchemistry pioneer; Amy Cannon, co-founder and executive director, Beyond Benign; Dr. Meghna Dilip, Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry, Worcester State University; and Areej Nitowski, green chemistry education manager, MilliporeSigma, as moderator.

Register here for the event.

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