6 former Phillies have died of brain cancer. New report reveals a concerning link

Read the full story from Penn Live.

The alarm bells were ringing long before David West’s death last May, but when the pitcher passed away it was almost like a final straw.

He was the sixth former Philadelphia Phillies player to die from brain cancer, and the discussion went national.

Dr. Marc Siegel told “Fox and Friends” shortly after West’s death that an investigation needed to be done.

“It’s a cluster, and it needs to be examined,” he said. “The amount of incidents of deadly brain cancer are about three out of 100,000. This is three or four times that or more.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer did just that in an investigative piece Tuesday that was titled “Field of Dread.” It is an excellent read, and anyone interested in the in-depth investigation should check it out, here.

At the heart of the piece was the turf field that was used at Veterans Stadium. The Inquirer found pieces of the old turf, which were sold as souvenirs, and purchased them online. The newspaper then had those pieces of turf tested by two different labs.

And they found something sinister in the fake grass which they say was produced by Monsanto.

Forever chemicals.

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