Flood Funding Finder

The American Flood Coalition created the Flood Funding Finder to simplify the complex federal grants system and to help small communities identify and prioritize opportunities to fund flood resilience.

This interactive tool is a resource for local leaders exploring federal funding opportunities for flooding projects in small communities. While there may be additional funding opportunities for which a connection to flooding could be made, the tool focuses on opportunities where there is a trend of funded projects that address flooding and sea level rise. In addition to summarizing how each federal program can be used by small communities, the program summaries include external links to applications and in-depth program information, as well as Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) numbers that applicants may use to search for grant information on federal websites. 

The tool allows users to filter by fund characteristics, assistance type, estimated funding amount, federal support mechanism, whether for a tribal resilience program, and by closing date.

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