Five key climate solutions

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A new, first-of-its-kind tool will make it easier for states to embrace the clean energy economy and achieve the nation’s climate goals. Right now, policymakers on the state level are asking: how can we use the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) to not only accelerate our state clean energy transition, but also reap the economic benefits that go along with it?

To get to that answer more quickly and easily, RMI and Energy Innovation’s Energy Policy Simulator (EPS), supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies, shows how specific strategies for each of the 48 US mainland states can effectively achieve our climate goals. This marks a significant expansion of our previous models and is the first tool of its kind: it’s free, open-source, and lets any user test different pathways.

In June, RMI used the EPS to uncover five strategies that cut emissions quickly, effectively, and affordably. And in August, Congress passed comprehensive climate legislation that provides a robust set of incentives to accelerate these strategies.

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