A new technique for cleaner steel

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Researchers in the United Kingdom and China have discovered a new way to make steel that they say could cut the material’s greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 90 percent — a tantalizing prospect for an industry that produces up to 9 percent of the planet’s climate pollution…

The new paper, published last month in the Journal of Cleaner Production, proposes a steel production system that it says could replace some 90 percent of the coke used in today’s most common steelmaking process. The system would use a material called perovskite to break down carbon dioxide produced during steelmaking into oxygen and carbon monoxide — both of which would be fed back into the process in a “nearly perfect closed carbon loop.” The reactions would take place at around 700 to 800 degrees Celsius (roughly 1,300 to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit), temperatures that could be reached using renewable energy.

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