The Saving Gelato Project: Walmart Foundation Food Loss + Waste Implementation Program

Download the case study.


Righteous Gelato is a small-batch gelato company with factory operations based in Calgary, Canada. Their mission is to enrich people’s lives, one tiny spoonful at a time. They use honest ingredients and nothing artificial.

The purpose of the project was to prevent and reduce food loss & waste at the Righteous Gelato manufacturing facility in Calgary, Canada as part of the Walmart Foundation funded Food Loss & Waste Prevention & Implementation Program.


Anthesis’ partner, Enviro-Stewards, conducted an on-site waste prevention assessment utilizing our award-winning Food Loss + Waste Toolkit at the Righteous Gelato manufacturing facility. We measured the savings achieved from our previous Food Loss + Waste assessment, and re-engaged the team on opportunities not implemented or new solutions found. We quantified three opportunities to make sure as much gelato as possible was not wasted from the production line, and able to be enjoyed.

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