The Avoidable Crisis of Food Waste

Download the technical report, roadmap, and case study matrix.

This research is a world first.

  • It’s the first to measure volume (weight) using a standardized system across the whole food value chain
  • It encompasses all food types from terrestrial and marine commodities
  • It identifies and validates loss factors based on primary data provided by industry
  • It provides a whole of chain analysis, from primary production through to end of lift
  • It identifies the root causes of FLW, where they occur along the value chain, and the extent to which they differ by food type
  • It establishes a replicable whole of chain FLW analytical framework, comprising standardized metrics that can be used at enterprise and industry level
  • It establishes a means to connect commodities to finished products (foods and beverages), to enable extrapolations to be established between consumer products and primary source
  • It calculates mass balance: total available commodities produced for food, minus exports, plus imports (from a whole chain perspective)
  • It assesses the destination of FLW occurring along the value chain

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