Webinar: Centering justice from the start: new insights for carbon removal companies

Feb 17, 2023, 11 am CST
Register here.

The carbon removal field is growing, with companies rapidly emerging to remove legacy carbon emissions driving climate change. Carbon removal companies now have an opportunity to center environmental justice in their business plans, an intentional departure from industries that have historically sidelined disadvantaged communities and neglected the environment. An environmentally just approach to carbon removal will be critical to achieving the social license and community support necessary to scale this industry.

A new report from XPRIZE and Carbon180 explores how early-stage carbon removal companies can integrate environmental justice into their work from day one. Building on the expertise of outside environmental justice experts, including social scientists, practitioners, and advocates, the report articulates how carbon removal companies, can avoid replicating past injustices and ensure that the benefits from their projects are felt broadly and equitably.

Join us for a 50-minute virtual webinar to learn more about the tangible steps needed to scale the carbon removal industry in ways that are both sustainable and equitable.

Moderated by XPRIZE co-author Nikki Batchelor, the webinar will feature:

  • Alayna Chuney, Esq., Carbon180 (and fellow co-author)
  • Simon Nicholson, PhD, American University
  • Seema Kakade, University of Maryland

Join the live event here: https://xprize.zoom.us/j/88998796418

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