Sustainability Excellence in Manufacturing Awards

ProFood World will recognize outstanding food and beverage processing and packaging innovation projects via the eighth annual Sustainability Excellence in Manufacturing Awards competition. 

These annual peer-reviewed awards recognize manufacturing plants for their efforts in driving improved performance through sustainability, honoring those companies and individuals that seek to go beyond environmental compliance. Specifically, the awards focus on pollution prevention, enhanced environmental protection and stewardship, as well as compliance assurance.

Submissions are due March 1, 2023. Please be sure to submit your entry into the correct Program or Project Category and download the proper corresponding submission form. The Program Category is defined as an on-going program, company-wide or multi-facility program. The Project Category is defined by one-time project. (It may later be rolled out to other facilities after completion of project at one facility.)

Eligibility: Programs and projects must be completed and operational between November 2021 and December 2022.

Multiple awards will be named in the Program, Project, and Processor/Supplier Partnership categories, including reduction in water and energy, waste conservation, pollution prevention, packaging materials reductions and more.

Find more information, example submissions, and links to past award winning projects and programs on the ProFood World website.

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