Bladeless wind turbines and carbon-negative chemicals: The best innovations of Net-Zero November 2022.

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Innovation will be key to delivering on the world’s net-zero targets, and this is particularly true in hard-to-decarbonise sectors that don’t always grab the headlines. Many of the hidden building blocks of our daily lives fall into this category, and two of this month’s innovations are tackling the sometimes-overlooked emissions associated with everyday chemical products – from cleaning wipes and surface sprays to paints and car parts.

But innovation is also important in more visible and established technologies like solar power. So, we’re also highlighting new type of solar roof shingle that is making it even more attractive for homeowners to make the switch to carbon-free energy.

Moving from domestic to commercial buildings, we have spotted a new design for ‘bladeless’ wind turbines that can provide near-constant power, harvesting winds as low as five miles per hour. And for commercial real estate portfolios as a whole, an AI-based solution is developing decarbonisation plans in only a fraction of the time it would take a human expert.

Finally, we turn towards a potential solution for methane in the agriculture sector. New containerised biogas plants are preventing methane emissions from livestock manure, while also generating green hydrogen and biomethane that can directly replace fossil fuels.

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