Circularity’s potentially planet-saving power

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In a world obsessed with selling (and buying) the new, shiny and fun, our ever expanding appetite for more is literally drowning us: More products, more options, more profit margins has led to more cheap, nearly-impossible-to-recycle products and packaging, tossed at an ever increasing clip.

In spite of innovations and exceptional efforts — by both committed companies and eco-conscious consumers — trends suggest we continue to consume more and more each year. Something has to give. And right now, the planet is bearing the brunt of overconsumption — or perhaps more importantly, overproduction.

As I often preach from my soap box, circularity has the power to shift this paradigm: Durable, repairable, and modular design decisions can produce products that are long-lasting, rather than short-lived; new business models can decouple production from profit; investment in infrastructure can turn our waste streams into valuable assets. And yet — with a world that is less than 9 percent circular — the circular economy is by no means living up to this potentially-planet-saving power.

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