Funding trends 2022: Climate change mitigation philanthropy

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This is our third annual report on funding trends in climate change mitigation philanthropy and covers seven years of
funding data from 2015 to 2021.

In last year’s report, we estimated that of $750 billion in total philanthropic giving worldwide in 2020, roughly $6 billion to
$10 billion was dedicated to climate change mitigation.

In 2021, we estimate total philanthropic giving by foundations and individuals grew to $810 billion, of which $7.5 billion to
$12.5 billion was focused on climate change mitigation. In the last year, growth in philanthropic giving to climate change
mitigation (a 25% increase) outpaced growth in overall philanthropic giving (an 8% increase). However, total giving to
climate change mitigation from individuals and foundations still represents less than 2% of global philanthropic giving.
Considering the ever-increasing urgency of the crisis, it is time for philanthropy to step up its ambition — and to move
more funds faster to the places that need them most.

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