Carbon Dioxide Removal Technology Roadmap: Innovation Gaps and Landscape Analysis

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This Innovation Roadmap presents an overview of the current status, innovation needs, and research efforts in Mission Innovation (MI) Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) Mission member countries for three CDR approaches: direct air capture with storage, enhanced mineralization, and biomass with carbon removal and storage.

The Roadmap was authored by members of the CDR Mission. It draws on a review of recent literature, a survey of CDR Mission members, and input from mission stakeholders and subject matter experts. Innovation needs and other potential opportunities compiled by the authors are intended for consideration and discussion by CDR Mission members. The document is designed to assist and inform members in identifying opportunities for collaboration that accelerates research, development, and demonstration (RD&D)—and ultimately for accelerating responsible large-scale deployment—of CDR technologies. References are provided throughout the Roadmap for readers to explore topics in further depth.

CDR Mission members are concurrently developing an Action Plan that builds on this Roadmap to articulate specific activities to be led by mission members that address priority innovation needs in the near-, mid-, and long-term. The Roadmap concentrates on technical challenges, needs, and efforts. Non-technical challenges are introduced in the document and CDR Mission members recognize their critical importance for CDR deployment, but they are not the focus of this Roadmap.

The Roadmap focuses primarily on technologies and systems for the ‘atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) capture’ portion of engineered and hybrid CDR approaches. Technology challenges and innovation gaps associated with CO2 transport, storage, and use in products are essential aspects of CDR systems but are not covered in depth in this document. Carbon dioxide transport, storage, and use are examined by other international fora such as the Technical Group of the Carbon Sequestration Leadership
Forum (CSLF) and the IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme (IEAGHG).

The CDR space is rapidly evolving. The Roadmap provides a snapshot given current understanding and circumstances. CDR Mission members will continue to monitor the progress of relevant technology development and adjust priorities commensurate with changing needs.

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