Honeywell survey reveals strong corporate efforts to cut energy waste, but cloudier outlook for coming sustainability efforts

Read the full story at Marketwatch.

Companies are setting aside more budget for energy and environmental sustainability as investors, consumers and boards will only increase their expectations for these efforts. That’s just one of the findings of an innaugural survey from Honeywell — which will be shaped into a comparable quarterly index — out this week.

Survey results that will feed the Honeywell Environmental Sustainability Index show that companies are giving priority to making their operations less wasteful and they’re trying to broadly cut down on extraneous energy use. They’re still aiming for, though with less gusto than efficiency efforts, creating more recycling and circularity when it comes to operations, the findings show.

The report, which Honeywell suggests is the first multi-industry and multi-regional index on corporate sustainability efforts, points to executive confidence about past progress toward “greener” operations, but less optimism about short- and long-term future goals. The survey queried 600 executives that are, or function as, sustainability officers.

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